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103117 Questions

  1. Painful Tears
    October 28, 2016 6:21 am


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  2. party pooper October 28, 2016 5:55 am

    Can someone tell me the title of this manga
    Its about the uke who crossdresses as a child to a commercial or something cause the original is nowhere and the seme fell in love with the uke then years later they met cause they will redo the commercial again
    Note the uke is feminine and has a star brother

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    • Ruri Ruri~ October 28, 2016 6:04 am

      Love Stage

    • lana
      October 28, 2016 6:05 am

      I think the manga you're looking for is love stage!! It's also an anime now (⌒▽⌒)

    • party pooper October 28, 2016 6:22 am
      Love Stage Ruri Ruri~

      Thank you it is

  3. sunday October 28, 2016 4:58 am

    so basically the seme was fighting with the uke and ended up falling from a flight of stairs and bcs of that he loses all his memory about the uke and continue his life working as a baker at a bakery which the uke frequent to and the seme once again fall in love with uke

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  4. yaoiislife
    October 28, 2016 4:43 am

    can anybody recommend me some manga with a character who has lived for a really long time or even immortal

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  5. Anonymous October 28, 2016 4:29 am

    Maybe is josei, I think she work in a bank and want to get married, he work on tv and does not believe in marriage but they start a relationship.

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  6. Anonymous October 28, 2016 3:58 am

    Does anybody know of a yaoi where this dude always wear a hood because he has cat ears and he's living with another guy and one day he said something like if i dont have a hat on then we cant be together. Please and thank you!!

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  7. kmt132
    October 28, 2016 3:32 am

    Can anyone recommend a yaoi/shonen-ai where classical music plays an important role (with pianists, cellists, violinists, etc.)? I've already read "Sankaku Opera", but I'm looking for something less dark and more romantic...

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    • Kuroushiki October 28, 2016 3:30 am

      That's characters from detective Conan........

    • Canine Dawg
      October 28, 2016 3:54 am
      ?????That's characters from detective Conan........ Kuroushiki


  8. Kam_Otaku October 28, 2016 2:59 am

    Any manga similar to Magi?
    Excellent storyline, good drawing, strong friendships, many many beautiful men and so many ships?

    I just finished the anime and am craving for more adventure.
    I also am reading Black Clover. *another manga that suits my taste*

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  9. Reiji
    October 28, 2016 2:38 am

    Can ya recommend me some kuroko no basuke's dj about aomine and kuroko??? I want the cutest shounen Ai...... ooor yaoi

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  10. Anonymous October 28, 2016 2:30 am

    I'm looking for a manga about a guy named victor (I think) who had his time was stolen by a demon. Now his time is ticking backwards and he is a teenager again. He along with his son ( who is now older than him) are looking for the demon who stole victors time. They both have the power to slow down and speed up time and victors weapon of choice is a deck of cards.

    Please help!!!! ヽ(`Д´)ノ

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  11. SenpaiDesu October 28, 2016 2:12 am

    Any yaoi mangas like Never Understand or Aitsu no Daihonmei? (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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  12. Thedragon64
    October 28, 2016 1:54 am

    I'm looking for a yaoi manga where Sasuke completely hypnotizes Naruto in English

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  13. Little Grittle October 28, 2016 12:48 am

    Well, the story more or less like this, the uke and seme are friends and they had sign up to this website. and they had to do all the instruction that the 'king' from the website told them to do.. and the uke get this tasks 'have sex with a man' or something like that and if the uke fail to do it, all sorts of bad luck will awaits him..

    thanx in advance (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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  14. Yenvo October 27, 2016 11:53 pm

    Anyone know any doujinshi manga of Hibari x Tsuna? (:

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    • animehomos October 28, 2016 12:47 am

      in myreadingmanga.info there's a lot

  15. KenGoldenTree October 27, 2016 11:51 pm

    hello :p i have summarised hadakeru kaibutsu chapter 5.

    im putting this here in case there are any hadakeru fans out there, so that they dont miss it in the actual mangas comments :p if anybody wants to read it, you can visit this link. the raws are also linked to in the document:


    link to tumblr post with link/more information:

    link to chapter 4 summary:

    link to tumblr post with link/more information for ch4 summary:

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    • 美智子 October 27, 2016 11:52 pm

      thank you!!!!!

    • KenGoldenTree October 27, 2016 11:58 pm
      thank you!!!!! 美智子

      any time man!

    • Harmonia October 28, 2016 12:23 am

      I saw this on Tumblr but I didn't comment there, so thank you for taking the time to summarize this manga! Keep up the good work my friend. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

    • KenGoldenTree October 28, 2016 12:25 am
      I saw this on Tumblr but I didn't comment there, so thank you for taking the time to summarize this manga! Keep up the good work my friend. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Harmonia

      no problem man :0 any time, thank you so very much for your kind words. i am happy ^^

    • Harmonia October 28, 2016 12:38 am
      no problem man :0 any time, thank you so very much for your kind words. i am happy ^^ KenGoldenTree


  16. Cytus October 27, 2016 11:21 pm

    Remember when mangago was down for a small period of time and everyone lost their shit (including me) LOL (≧∀≦)
    actually looking for a shoujo one-shot this time.
    The guy has a scary face and he's always scratched up but only cause dogs like him and the principle called him in thinking he as a thug blah blah and the MC brought all the dogs to school and was like "because of love we can understand him" or something like that. (▰˘◡˘▰)

    thanks in advance!

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  17. Jennie October 27, 2016 11:10 pm

    Hey guys I'm looking for this yaoi manga about a guy who hates getting his hair cut because his neck is so sensitive

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  18. Anonymous October 27, 2016 10:17 pm

    I'm looking for a shoujo one shot. It's about step siblings who were home alone together (on vacation I think?) and the sister brought the brother to somewhere with a lot of dogs. The main scene that I remember is when the brother gets mad at the sister and forgives her if she acts like a puppy

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  • iamb : Oh, let's not have yurim be at fault for his accident... it certainly looks like it's going that way :(
  • hanahime : AMAZING!!!ヾ(☆▽☆)
  • DMK0623 : Yeah he's the heart of the crew.
  • quinoa : Yeah! I agree with you! I like how this manga never crosses the line to non-con, even though it does toe the line in terms of dubcon. There's just enough violence that we have come to Yakuza stories, but looking closer at it... everyone's "decently behaved" (LOL decent... okay maybe I have to choose better word than that). But well done Sensei.
  • Rawr : Mookyul is sexy and all

    but seriously . . . . I'd be totally freaked out if he's my lover in real life

    He's borderline psychotic in many instances and for an alpha fujoshi like me, I'll be raged.
  • Lin : http://stk.shounen-ai.net/series/bokura_no_negai/

    Thay have chapter 18 in English. Bless them!
  • Jasmin Tea : Never has something truer been said XD
  • Anonymous : About Shic as a baby, yup I was asking about him in the picture. Also thank you, I found it.
  • CHRYSANTHEMUM CHRYSALIS : Like come on now to hate his own son for something he doesn't have any control of what a jerk! I love this manga but the dad makes me sick
  • Anonymous : Spoilers chapter 24 and Doumeki's birthday https://domeyashiro.tumblr.com. ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ
  • Jolliemollie : Yamada is everything.
  • Anon : Yeah, he slept around BUT, he wasn't in a dedicated relationship or cheating so you have no right to criticize him. I know it seems wrong/awful of him to sleep around but, he was just seeking comfort. Does sleeping with a person when you are not in a relationship (it doesn't matter what your intentions are) make you a slut who deserves to be hated?
  • princess1404 : That's what I got from those pages as well.
  • CatCat : Right?! Get with it senpai lol
  • Rag Dog (Zee) : The author makes some simple moves/pages look more epic.
  • Anonymous : I want to see Nami punching one of Sanji's siblings... Please
  • Blah Blah : He definitely starts faking it at a certain point, but I honestly don't think Naruse would take it as far as it went if he were doing it intentionally the whole time haha
  • Serara-mi : anyone know where to rread raw vers? (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜
  • Anonymous : Nami is also in pain. She's heartbroken, sad, and afraid/worried for Sanji. She may have been acting in order to help Sanji make his act believable for the Vinsmoke (if she read between the lines). But I don't think that's the case... I think she was horrified by how much Sanji hicked Luffy when Luffy was injured and exhausted and so she needed to make a point and say to Sanji that that was wrong and inexcussable... She also needed to protect their Capitain pride and honor after Sanji disrespected him and made fun of Luffy's dream in front of the Vinsmoke. I also think she was confused and didin't know how else to react when Sanji didin't listen to her pleads and tears. Nobody wss right or wrong here...no luffy nor Nami nor Sanji. They are all in pain and Vinsmoke are the bad guys.
  • Rag Dog (Zee) : ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥) ( ╥﹏╥)
  • Anonymous : No No strawhat can die, at least not before reaching their dreams. Also I'm sure the All Blue is especially important for the plot in a World of Oceans. And Sanji may notbbe the strongest fighter but he is A SURVIVOR. All this misery in this arc will alow an amazing character development.
  • Shirochan21 : Does anyone else think maybe Erza is her clone. Or it could just be a part of her she extracted from herself.
  • mhmm : That sounds more like a fantasy. Everybody is corrupt and feels good from making others feel lower than them. The whole proper BS is something Mommy and Daddy told you to get you to conform to their ideals. It doesn't get you nowhere since you are taking care of a need and having fun which, last I heard, was good for you. It is about thinking what is inherently bad about being a "slut"? The answer is really nothing; it is just another thing we antagonize for in order to assert power. There is no definition of right and wrong; just what you want and don't want. What people do with their bodies is none of your business and you haven't the right to tell them what kind of person they are either. If your partner is not comfortable with your past sexual history even though you are honest about it and committed now then your partner needs to grow up and take a look at the real world.
  • ZipporahRaven : I feel like Edward had written a letter to Uriel... unless I'm confusing the story with another.

    Also, I love Badis and Alvie.