crap. this scene broke my heart. it is not a melo drama manga but this farewell part is just painful
painful flashback. ah, can't look. shitty drunk driver needed to go in jail. poor baby.
"you say out loud the things i don't want to hear myself" says the little liar who denies too much.
uke cried... I cried too. this manga is bad for the heart.

Sono Kuchibiru ni Yoru no Tsuyu
longings and farewells
WHOA. this silent frame. It's so deafening.
OUCH ver. 2 *rolls on the floor in pain. ╥﹏╥
ouchhhhhh..... Σ(っ°Д °;)っ
it's already too late. no amount of charms can change anything.
shit. that last panel did not just. and just as i was enjoying infant iyo-chan's fluffiness too.
being deceived and falling inlove all over again. rinse and repeat till it becomes a sick cycle.
breakupscene pt.1
breakupscene pt.2: reverting to his icy self... that's just tragically painfull
"I don't want you to become like mom". Damn. Crying right now.
an abused uke. ohh, his lines are poetic yet depressing. :(
(/TДT)/ ╧╧ more than the physical, being separated by that proverbial wall!!!!
wow, unexpectedly angsty
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