funny naono sensei
gyahahah, damn sexy seme lol.
cute sensei lol.
the type of jealous seme i like
awwww best moment of this manga! a romantic confession at brooklyn bridge . at long last
awww. *doki
best compliments are handed in a candid way <3
putting popsicles on other person's basket forgetting he's shy to him earlier... how cute
*heavy breathing.* where is this.. WHERE IS THIS bar!!
he's such an a naive boy but the things he say ...
"excuse me... you! over there with the scar" haha
oh man, ranamaru's dad is so handsome. i need to save this
gyaahaha hey nerd boy don't make someone feel flustered bec. of your killer lines you don't realize
sober. lol that's what everybody says
this mangaka is really amusing plus starring: toriumi-san the amazeballs
best friendship award goes to yamamoto. i wish sensei would give him a story of his own.
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