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2015-08-23 14:42
Ah, we women understand her feeling. I also hv a crush i dont dare to look at him in school. Now he lives oversea and marry someone whike im..well..... Is lucky she had a chanse to correct her past.
2016-03-24 09:34
I love angsty stories, but SWEET JESUS those gurls got me pretty annoyed (by 'those gurls' I am referring to the protagonist and the other one).

Yas. I did intentionally misspell gurl.
2016-04-01 16:54
As far as one-shots go, this one was okay. The characters lacked real depth, though, and the premise behind the "love stone" was shoddily implemented.
1/6000 Honesty
Mashiba Hiromi 2000 released.
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