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2015-10-06 23:10
It's really an incredible story...
The 1st thing catch my eyes was the cover... with those chars wearing an old knight style which I luv very much & their faces... it's kinda cute... even sometimes they were a cold-heart killers but they still back to a cute one after all... (▰˘◡˘▰)
Ya won't see a superb cool-ikemen prince from a fairy tales but a cute-brave heart prince who willing to sacrifice his own life for a safety of his mans... :3
2016-07-26 17:35
this took so long to get updated and became so confusing and boring that i had no idea what was going on the entire time, lost intrest towards the end, and skimmed the last few chapters weeks after they'd been released lol. the story started out really well but my favorite character (eco/echo) ended up getting pushed into the background when it seemed like he was an important supporting character in the beginning. the story just had way too much going on, way too many characters i didnt care about at all, and skipped around so much that i never knew what was going on. every time i started to get into a scene and finally figure out what they were talking about, it would skip to some other location one or two pages later and start talking about something completely different. there was never enough time to connect with the characters or even remember their names or their relation to the story at all. everyone just seemed randomly placed in the story and i dont think even they knew what was going on. it was just totally bad. would not recommend lol i dont think i'll be reading this again in the future either.
2015-01-17 01:15
2015-04-29 04:08
pretty cool so far
2015-07-04 17:44
+c: Sword And Cornett Vol.8 Ch.48
2015-12-03 03:16
ch 8
2016-03-20 20:55
For its unusual pace and title, +C: Sword and Cornett is a work to be loved and appreciated. Its depth of character development, skilled illustrations, and topics of both racism and politics make this story a great read. Stories of the past were used to teach morals and encourage the youngsters as they mature into adults. I strongly feel that +C: Sword and Cornett is such a work.
2016-05-09 15:33
confused, but at least it was a good manga :D
2017-05-15 19:31
I loved the story. But the ending felt very rushed and it was confusing.
2017-09-02 05:25
Love this. Main chara is a prince
+c: Sword And Cornett
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Yugyoji Tama 2008 released.
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