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2015-09-27 19:36
Felt incomplete
2015-04-13 17:01
the ending? -_-
2015-06-30 07:04
Sensei could have done a whole lot more with this manga.
2015-01-26 18:48
wawawawawaaa!! clarence wings are very big! wanna get hold too~
2015-03-10 00:42
The idea was good but the story was rushed and the ending did not feel like an ending.
2015-02-16 17:08
that toku-something yakuza guy just needs to die in the most slow and painful death possible! like seriously! i will not be happy unless he does >;[
2015-05-06 16:51
Ammmh?!so that's it?!really??I like it but I'm so disappointed....
2015-06-20 23:48
Too many subplots ruined this manga for me.
How can you comprehend a story where a religious-based science church teams with a Yakuza to create an angel clone who is having fun in the set ofAV production companies without rolling your eyes? I forget to mention the mysterious unsolved murder !!

This could have been better, but the mangaka decided to use every single idea to insure that we don't lose interest! Wrong choice!
2015-09-26 05:58
it was good! i really loved it but it felt hmm like it was incomplete. LIke their is more to the story. I doubt the church would let him go and then the yakuza got involved soo idk ....i would love to read more if possible =v=
2015-10-13 15:00
«☢[]☢» Action Thriller bases on cloning Sci-fi Fantasy! ★:彡 [Be aware, may spoil]
At first, it just looks like a foreigner-looks amnesiac's pulled into affray of the underground business & yakuza after picked up by an AV scoutman. Later it turns out actually they're both amnesia & pull each other into something BIG beyond their imagination! (✧‿✧)*゚ If you're fan of trilling action like jumping from high building, fighting or shooting & supernatural, I bet you'll like it.

«☢» Anyway, I think if sensei uses 2 pages to blow up how wonderful of his power as a climax, the ending will be more impressive & ensure that no one can take them down.. And.. Seeing two hotties keep being skinship I want more explicit love scenes, not only dialog though it's SA.
«☢» The Plot reminds me of Concrete Garden, which involves with Military instead of Yakuza.
2015-11-30 21:33
2016-06-21 23:07
How is it finished? Love the angel & main guy.
2016-06-23 19:21
Nice story, no sex at all
2016-10-02 00:06
Its sorta cutesy
2017-04-16 04:23
#AV Scoutman #Yakuza #Angel of Sorts
2017-05-30 03:30
Not the most satifying ending, but the story is top notch.
From Dusk Till Dawn
Mamahara Ellie 2004 released.
Mystery / Shounen Ai
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