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2014-08-17 18:18
what the heck is with this end?
2015-05-13 11:28
I want more!
2016-01-20 03:55
Art was really well-done. It was a decidedly silly romp and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As far as story, it wasn't ground-breaking or anything, but sometimes it doesn't take a ground-breaking story for you to enjoy yourself. It's funny how despite all the blatant fan-service and ero, the manga still managed to make me feel a sense of child-like innocence. The ending was pretty much trash in a hole, though.
(g) Edition
Kawashita Mizuki 2010 released.
Comedy / Ecchi / Shounen / Supernatural
ジーまるえでぃしょん; Ⓖえでぃしょん; Ⓖエディション; (G)えでぃしょん; (G)エディション; G点大作战; G-Maru Edition
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