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2016-08-30 01:01
Hey guys I'm A.T a member of the translator group called Peppermint Tea Translators and we need someone who is able to translate korean to english and japanese to english. We would like someone who is comfortable in any genre.

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2016-09-03 06:07
I am unsure if the guy with the blond hair can be trusted.
2016-08-29 16:41
»« Reading this makes me feel like playing a detective with Jesse, trying to figure out which's fact or fake. Just keep in mind that we won't know exactly what's going on until it ends..
[Synopsis] - Moritat is memory control technology that Brown Family have invested in for 100 years, a business project to cure people's mind by deleting the suffering memory.
Jesse the sole heir of Brown Family had succeeded in developing Moritat but for some reason he didn't want to commercialize it.. Apparently, Chester who claimed himself as Jesse's forgotten lover, confined, tortured & experimented Moritat on him then messed with his memory but somehow Jesse still have rage/hate memory of how Chester betrayed/abuse him..
Whatever, for this kind of theme, I somehow also get ready for 'Stunned Plot Twist'.

≫➤ At first I was eager to see the pathetic yet prodigy victim turns the table. But after I saw those child-time flashbacks, I just feel sorry for both of them; Jesse's just a lonely young master who seeks for 'SINCERITY' as all come to him with ulterior motive. While Chester's just a inferiority complex child, has to do whatever those nasty parents told to live on. The more adorable of the flashback the more it sadden me that this lovey-dovey couple has to turn into that cruel relationship no matter it's real or just virtual world.

≫➤ Moral of the story: The line between Genius & Lunatic, is thiner than a paper! ¯〵_(ツ)_/¯
I'm glad that it's happy ending but honestly, I'm not satisfied yet.
It feels like it's about to clear then abruptly jumps to the end while there's still lacking.
For "Messing with Thought" plot, I do expect for more details & clearer wrap-up.
2016-08-30 04:35
So I read the raws, and was upset the whole way through. Would also like all the time I invested reading this to be returned.
2016-08-29 11:08
good manga
2017-04-02 11:24
2016-08-30 12:15
I don't understand a shit but look dark as fuck.
2016-08-30 12:20
Waking up in the hospital with unclear memory of the past, Caise isn't at ease to this condition especialy to this strange man who seems familiar to him. Does this man have something to do to Caise's condition or other factors that might surprise Caise in the future?
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2016-08-30 16:35
2017-01-29 12:53
Need more to understand, But I feel like it's an awesome manga... full of pain :-D
2016-09-02 14:31
looking forward to this one :)
2016-09-15 04:01
I don't think I've ever been this confused in my [email protected]@
2016-09-03 02:12
Oh gosh! I really adore that manga <3
2016-09-04 05:40
Hmmm this looks promising... I love a good full color manhwa/webtoon type thing, and if there's some sexy scenes ahead.. just yes.. count me in *////*
2017-02-22 00:03
This is master level mind fuckery, I don't know what to trust anymore. Brilliant.
2017-03-26 08:51
Okay so I just started reading this again. I read the first 30 ch then I decided to read the rest on here today and I'm so fuckin lost. So law put Jesse in Morris so the entire scenario was only one day? Or ??? Ugh I'm so confused. So law is the mental one? Like he does all this because he love/hate Jesse? And Jesse wants to be equal? I feel like his mom kind of set him up or something. Someone plz explain. It's going to drive me mad. And why is that young maid such a key component like she was never a maid and actually just a dr? So even Jesse memories are false,
2017-03-30 16:34
This is too confusing! I'm a slow person but not as slow as to get it few hours later, I mean I'll probably be figuring the problem out in a few second but this story.......WHAAAAAAA
2017-04-02 00:43
My simple mind cant comprehend what is happening, and now its all over0=0
2016-08-29 17:57
LR: Ch 52
2016-08-29 19:08
Ultimate mindfuck
Lee Seon-ui 0 released.
Mystery / Shounen Ai / Yaoi
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