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2016-12-06 06:41
Gotta watch out for papa and son! I'm surprised the boy was able to push him down, he's so cute.
2016-12-06 07:35
I'm going to wait for this to build up a few chapters before I start reading. I hate really one chapter and only getting just the start of a story then having to wait for the plot to unfold. I like the plot to be developed a bit before I get stuck waiting for more.
2016-12-06 06:16
2016-12-06 08:31
hehehe, one night stand. parent and teacher misunderstandings. Forceful child who wants to be the teacher's lover (so far the child is like a child in this reguard) it's getting interesting
2017-01-04 16:10
Nice encounter! For now I like it! And the kid...didn't expect he'd be so bold haha!! Oh my, sensei really needs to watch out for both father and son! (≧∀≦)
2016-12-12 23:13
ongoing - chapter 1
2016-12-06 06:19
A kindergartener Kiri(Giraffe) had one night stand with a just-divorced lawyer Raion(Lion) before found out he's dad of a troublesome student Taiga(Tiger) who falls for Kiri.
It's light theme though they both had tragic past; the Uke frequently got thrown away by those heartless partners & the Seme was used by the ex-wife before kicked him out like rotten shoes. As a kindergarten kid, Taiga is too premature & aggressive thou.
2016-12-06 06:41
2016-12-06 12:20
rate 4
2016-12-06 13:00
1, 2, 3, 4,
taiga kidnapped by mama
2016-12-06 13:15
Taiga is so cute
I like it, update please
2016-12-06 13:49
So guy gets dum0ed, sees dude in the street get dumped by his wife. Ducks said dude. Next day come to find out that dude is the father of the kinder student that is in love with him.
2017-03-29 09:43
A gay teacher in an ambigous relationship with a dumped father, with a straightforward son who wants to make him his sensei. Cute story, sweet, with some twists
2016-12-06 14:33
Taiga is an adorable little devil
2016-12-11 00:10
Kiri is a kindergarten teacher who only dates assholes. After being dumped he witnesses a break up between a man and a women. Things happen and Kiri ends up having a one night stand with the man. The next day at kindergarten Kiri is with his fav student who crushes him. Just when the child tries to kiss him, daddy shoes up. Daddy is non other than mr one night stand.
2016-12-06 18:42
Chap 2
2016-12-06 20:16
Hahaha I'm excited on the next chaps.
2016-12-06 22:31
This is awesome. I love it! I can't wait for the rest!
2016-12-06 23:16
Weird love triangle between an unlucky kindergarten teacher, one of his students, and his father.
2016-12-08 00:11
Waiting for Ch5
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Tsugaru 2015 released.
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虎父无犬子; 親の顔がみてみたいっ
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