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2016-11-15 08:06
read ch24 update: OH YEAAA FUCKIN DINING TABLE I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!
2016-11-15 07:55
It's too soon to judge a plot etc. but I already feel that the potential uke will irritate the shit out of me... I hope I'm wrong and he'll show some balls in the future chapters.
2016-11-15 08:16
Seems interesting plus the uke is fucking adorable. The art kinda reminds me of Takarai Rihito.
2016-11-15 08:44
Gorgeous art style with unique deep drama plot set in supernatural mutant theme..
-୧୨- Royal Blood/Aristocrat clan are born with a core & mystic powers. They live a lot more longer & have physically stronger than normal human. Anyway they mutate into a Zero/Monster if the core's corrupt due to a severe mental shock or a poison 'VS Solution'.
≫➤ Story started at Lucaon, a Zero hunter already got one red eye, nearly becomes a Zero himself due to his parents were poisoned by the servant. And Kyon whom was ever saved by Lucaon when he's a child, becomes a new servant.

≫➤ I feels so sorry for Lucaon for his adversity but I also hate the way he ill-treats his Uke.
Hope he'll get some lessons which turns him back into Mr. Gently-Goodie soon.
I'm looking forward to the moment he kneels down in front of my Baby Sweetie Pie. HA+
//★// RAW - http://m.v4.cc/wiki/6035

-୧୨- Touching Sweet Scenes:- [For my own pleasure fangirling~! O(≧▽≦)O]
- Ch.17 First scene showing the Seme cares about the Uke's feeling.
- Ch.19 Deepens their relationship with flashback how a lil boy Kyon was rescued by Lucaon and had been desperately waiting for him.. "I'll come to see you.come back" - Lucaon consoled & promised the just-orphan boy, the only survival Kyon. Unfortunately tragedy of Lucaon's family distracted him from everything in this world. (/TДT)/
- Ch.19 The Seme's actually possessive type, even snapped at Uncle Ryan in jealousy, started treating the Uke gently & left him a 'Love Mark' as if to mark him as his. Wooo.. σ(≧ε≦o)♡゚
2016-11-15 09:31
2016-11-22 14:01
Thats it. I fucking hook at this, now Im one of the many waiters waiting when will be the next update, i hope not in a thpusand years. Tbh, at first the art wasnt too pretty for me, but as i went on, i had learn to appreciate it amd i thpuht it was kind of pretty also but in a subtle way. I must also admit that i am rooting for lucaon and kyon but sihan and kari's relationship is quite bothersome, not that i dpnt like them, i actualy find those two sweet--just so happens that i wan to see more interaction between lucaon and kyon but i guess their relationship is quite on the progression side, we'l just have to wait I guess. Lastly, why do I get the feeling that Logan is kind of... not just an ordinary servant?
2016-11-29 11:10
It's going great, I hope it goes like this. Can't wait to see more of Lucaon & Kyon...
2016-11-16 20:37
Yaoi + supernatural + PLOT + epic smut + AMAZING art = forever refreshing page after every cliff hanger
2016-11-18 12:35
I really love this kind of manga . The master look so hawt and the servant face looks like kuroko!! KYAA!!! i like it when the master sex with the his servant.. the servant face so cute when he feel shy and cry(lol) and my heart melt whenever i read this manga over over and over again. So did you guys know other manga stories like this?
2016-12-08 16:25
damn he looks like small precious albino bunny. I was never rly fan of overly weak and delicate ukes but this one is just too precious *^* mah baby
2017-08-05 12:10
Moreee Pleassee one of my Very Fav. Yaoi Manhwa My Ghaddd Help me beesh.
2016-11-15 09:52
Never stop reading this
2016-11-15 12:26
Good so far, but I mean, who chooses to becomes a servant after a 'hasty adventurous spirit' I mean your friend's like, 'hey you should become a servant' and you're just like 'yeah getting the ish beaten out of me for good pay, sounds cool...'' ?
2016-11-16 11:06
The uke is so beautiful!!
2016-11-26 05:17
i just wanna see what happens next lmao
2016-12-07 00:52
chp 34
2016-12-30 08:21
Zero Kiryuu! Why did you fake your death in Vampire Knight?! All along, you were here instead...
2017-04-10 09:03
LUCAON WAE?? I totally ship you yet Im starting to hate the way you treat our fragile Kyon Cant you atleast make him feel loved or smthng??
2017-05-30 07:28
"I never told you to leave " so hot
2017-06-06 17:44
Well, I was waiting for Lucaon to realize his feelings for Kyon but urgggghhhh... update chapters please.
I'd like kyon to leave the mansion so lucaon will realize how important kyon to him...just imagining haha lol
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