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2017-01-09 04:14
smug ass fuckin baker
2017-01-09 05:18
Pls! I really want more! I'm waiting for other manga!!! Pls I want more!
2017-01-09 02:08
Looks interesting.
2017-01-09 02:18
Seems like it should be good.
2017-01-09 03:20
Really great!!
2017-01-09 05:53
≫ Sun-Hwa, a BL artist accidentally turns on the Gay AV while a new neighbor, blonde baker Goong-ha comes to greet. As BL it definitely leads to something yummy~♡. Just hope it's uncensored as censoring in full color comic is completely ruined the art.
≫➤ I wonder why Sun-hwa becomes Hikikomori, people who withdraw from social life
He needs to be fully armed with glasses, mask, hat & hood to be able to get out of his room.
2017-03-19 15:39
Sigh, hope things get better. I want Sunhwa to become comfortable with others and get over the past. (Updated: Ch. 18)
2017-01-11 03:55
this is really good, i need an update quickly
2017-01-11 12:53
i need a new chapter again
2017-01-11 23:43
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want more!!!!!
2017-01-14 16:08
I dnt know, but i cant trust in the seme, he looks false, im thinking that uke is really being used but who knows.
2017-02-26 06:23
Please update this webtoon. Thanks
2017-01-25 03:21
Ch 12
2017-01-09 02:41
it is getting interesting i want some more if u would please
2017-01-09 07:37
Ahahahaha!!!! This is great!! Looking forward to it! x'D
2017-01-09 09:30
Awwww yissss I need MOREEEEE amazing Manhwaaaaaa. This is gonna be great manhwa!
2017-01-09 11:09
This looks funny as hell
2017-03-23 09:33
2017-01-09 20:56
2017-01-10 12:37
Korean comic about a hikamori who writes gay comics. He met the new baker on the first story when he opened his front door and hit the hot baker in the face. The story starts to get interesting when you learn of his past before he dropped out of collage and disappeared.
The Baker on the First Floor
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GyaGa 2016 released.
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