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Title Update Recommend
Hardcore/Explicit Yaoi(199)
Eccentricstate created
Uncensored Nice ass shots Kinky Toys Sexy cosplay
2017-06-21 2
Deity [] Demon [] Spirit(154)
KyoZaNa✿ created
2017-06-21 4
adult yaoi(190)
Lady Avalon created
2017-06-11 10
Yaoi - Rape Tropes(58)
Tavi created
2017-04-18 11
Pure Smut(113)
Lilium created
2017-04-04 4
legit good yaoi(99)
orangevoldemort created
2017-06-04 3
Rape//Way too smut//BDSM//Toys//Threesome//Foursome//Gangbang(129)
Vash created
2017-06-14 1
Fantasy/Supernatural/Sci-Fi BL(133)
Akari created
2017-05-11 5
Supernatural.Sci-fi ect List ..............[☯ ](111)
KeraQ created
2017-06-11 0
uke gets hurt/sick (140)
marv created
sick uke hurt uke
2017-04-09 3
⋆⭐Bitches Be Crazay⭐⋆ created
2017-05-09 0
Yaoi at its best: hot & steamy, romantic & funny, dramatic & heartbreaking(93)
Namida713 created
yaoi romance mature adorable sexy
2017-06-09 1
Favorite Yaoi / BL(117)
Mystari created
Yaoi Favorite Must Read Best
2017-05-22 0
Manga I wanna keep reading(79)
Kimchiara created
2017-06-21 0
Out of This World~ (Supernatural and Sci-fi)(56)
RedTopaz created
sci-fi supernatural fantasy magic yaoi
2017-04-30 0
yaoi (199)
xuehua created
2017-06-16 0
Hot Stuff •×♡♡ו Irresistible(173)
RoseMary created
2017-06-11 0
Hardcore / Smut(54)
Mystari created
Yaoi Hardcore Smut Explicit Uncensored
2017-05-15 0
JRT created
2017-06-18 0
KattCleo created
rape rapey rape rape rape seku hara seku hara boss
2017-05-31 0

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