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Title Update Recommend
Video Game Manga 1(200)
Scarecrow created
2015-07-26 0
Otome~ created
2014-09-01 1
Aya_chu created
2015-10-15 0
kamek pun(3)
otaku created
2015-06-26 0
Ticci-Tobi created
2016-12-22 0
jada created
2016-07-11 0
EchoMysticTeaPrince created
2017-04-07 0
RaiiNe created
2017-01-07 0
ClearShouzuko created
2017-08-03 0

About CRP system

We’re going to take a CRP system(Content Rank Point system, it contained several factors to calculate the influence power of the content) to adjust the List recommend order.
It will change the situation that take recommend number to be the only factor to measure whether the List is worthy recommend.