Uke-like seme (only) collection

in the far-few inbetween stories of cookie cutter seme and uke roles
 in manga lies some seme you'd mistake as uke. 

 seme-like uke x uke-like seme - perfect neutral personality counterparts.
 girly seme x manly uke - match made in non-standard BL heaven (=・ω・=)
 ukexuke - as if there's no dominant guy.
dupe pair - thought it was the other way around? you got punked! 
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uke-like seme is different from puppy-like seme in a sense that thet are not much of a pushover or dog-like loyal as a puppy seme does.

01 03,2016 13:54
SO cute! My favourite type of coupling

One of the best examples of
girly seme x manly uke around. totally can't tell from their faces huh?

18 04,2016 18:07

Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki

 9.3(7374 voted)
Author(s): Scarlet Beriko
Genre(s): Comedy / Drama / Yaoi

girly seme x manly uke
dupe roles
rape/drunken sex
#comedy #yakuza #reencounter #cute, girly-looking persistent seme.

29 03,2016 10:24
Like you wouldn't imagine

prime example of a
dupe pair

19 04,2016 08:50

Hua Hua You Long

 8.8(1940 voted)
Author(s): Xing Bao Ni,Ai Li Ka,Erica
Genre(s): Drama / Historical / Mature / Yaoi

girly-looking seme x manly macho uke dupe pair
it's like the perfect switched appearance lol.
I recommend the novel. translators is finished with it.

several days ago

S Friend

 8.0(366 voted)
Author(s): Chitose Piyoko
Genre(s): Yaoi

you'd think it's an ukexuke. nuff said.
note: despite how mangago marked this as, this is finished.

several days ago

Merry Checker

 8.8(2284 voted)
Author(s): SUZUKI Tsuta
Genre(s): Comedy / Slice of Life / Yaoi

soo, sooo gentle and kind. dupe roles

several days ago

Elektel Delusion

 9.4(5806 voted)
Author(s): nekota yonezou
Genre(s): Comedy / School Life / Yaoi

girly seme x manly uke
dupe roles
the famous uke-looking seme fumi and hunky uke shunpei

several days ago

Kyuuso Ha Cheese no Yume Omiru

 8.5(1417 voted)
Author(s): mizushiro setona
Genre(s): Drama / Yaoi

seme is so needy he should be on the receiving end in lovemaking but he tops and it kind of worked for them #physical relationship to love

several days ago

Bousou Kareshi

 8.3(3008 voted)
Author(s): sakira
Genre(s): Adult / Comedy / Romance / School Life / Smut / Yaoi

sissy looking seme x macho uke
ch. 6-8: you'd thought that nerdy, timid frightened-as-a-rabbit glasses guy would never be seme. coupled with a delinquent, tough uke
attempted rape, saved by seme

several days ago

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