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-a choice of salaryman stories that i like best. my personal stash that i can confidently 
recommend to similar people that loves suits-wearing hunks. 
-the bitterness, thrills and joy of an office affair that is mostly kept secret
-white collared men in suits in-love

matured love / adult way of loving 
... or sometimes the still-virgin ones that is about to turn into a unicorn for staying virgin for too long lol. 
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Close the Last Door

 9.1(921 voted)
Author(s): YAMADA Yugi
Genre(s): Yaoi

salaryman x salaryman, from diff. company.
probably one of the best salaryman storie out there (and the literal number one in my list). quite realistic monologues about falling for a guy despite being straight (up till they met) #love triangle

several days ago

Gouman Na Junai

 7.9(522 voted)
Author(s): Souma Jinko
Genre(s): Shounen Ai / Yaoi

a bunch of nice and matured salarymen story.
1. chief of advtg dept. x salaryman from other dept.
popular guy who is a little bit airheaded x ordinary salaryman. /
3. salaryman x salaryman, same dept.
cute story. the seme prioritizes his straight friend. uke can't take the seme's goodwill being taken advantaged of. /
4. a cute bittersweet story of 2 executive-level men, replacement lover. /
5: salaryman x salaryman. unrequited love. /
6: president x secretary

several days ago

Kaeru no Prince-sama

 8.5(2801 voted)
Author(s): panco
Genre(s): Yaoi

salaryman x salaryman, in the same sales department
office romance
cute popular x unpopular and insecure uke. as the title says. uke feels like he's the ugly frog the prince kissed.

several days ago

Doushitemo Furetakunai

 9.2(4072 voted)
Author(s): yoneda kou
Genre(s): Drama / Romance / Shounen Ai / Yaoi

section head x subordinate, IT division
hot. once you start reading you'd want to know what happens next. story about a straight guy falling inlove with this so-called 'straight men killer' gay. of course he's annoyed.

several days ago

Soredemo, Yasashii Koi o Suru

 9.2(2382 voted)
Author(s): Yoneda Kou
Genre(s): Drama / Romance / Slice of Life / Yaoi

salesman x it company staff, different company
one of the best salaryman stories. the other guy is straight. they started out as drinking buddies

several days ago

Hand Which

 7.9(1412 voted)
Author(s): Suzuki Tsuta
Genre(s): Comedy / Slice Of Life / Yaoi

1-salarymanxshopkeeper 2-salaryman x salaryman. old college buddies, from diff. companies.
it all started with a drunken joke proclamation of batting for the other team bec. of a broken heart. a sweet story of long-time pals. also, i love how solid these group of guy's friendship is even when the new couple came out to them

several days ago

50 X 50

 7.7(596 voted)
Author(s): kunieda saika
Genre(s): Comedy / Slice Of Life / Josei / Shoujo / Shounen Ai

salaryman x salaryman.
funny but hot. and despite being funny it gave me the feels

several days ago

Porno SuperStar

 8.7(3919 voted)
Author(s): Nanami
Genre(s): Comedy / Yaoi

salaryman x salaryman, officemates.
usual cute uke but i find him adorable & i sympathized with him and his past. the hot seme who had a hard time expressing himself add to the worth of this manga.
Guy thought that this handsome man is his favourite AV pornstar so in a fit of desperation, he pleaded for a one night stand. turns out he's the new guy, haha.

several days ago

Weekend Lovers

 7.3(213 voted)
Author(s): Fuwa Kiriko
Genre(s): Yaoi

one shot collections.both features younger seme and older, cool-type, overachieving uke.
no.1 an elite salaryman and a sous chef.
3. is an office romance. warning: features non-con

several days ago

Ubatte Choudai

 8.3(1646 voted)
Author(s): SAKURAI Ryou
Genre(s): Comedy / Romance / Slice of Life / Yaoi

chap. 2-3: business partners, bickering couple.
ch. 5: boss uke x subordinate seme

several days ago

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