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heirs. the japanese's unique business system of 'zaibatsu'/ korea's chaebol.   
everyone is from old money... no noveau riche here.
a bocchama's (first-world lol) problem
succession dispute. 

young masters that ranges from: young teen pressured to perform well as the company's future to an accomplished executive son/nephew that is yet to inherit the head position 

for them elite, capable and eligible head of the family and other businessmen http://www.mangago.me/people/tag/49344/businessmen/
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Saa Koi Ni Ochitamae

 8.9(1816 voted)
Author(s): Yamato Nase
Genre(s): Comedy / School Life / Yaoi

A very cute and somewhat smutty 3 volume story with character growth.
Adorable family manga. A commoner who aspired to be in this rich, A-lister private school & has hopes of marrying to money. wanted a rich GIRL for gf but got rich GUY instead.
Rich guy is the third son of a branch family but the elder ojou-samas wanted him to inherit the whole conglomerate anyway. Villain is his stupid cousin from the main branch who wanted to be the heir

17 06,2016 07:54

Kuroneko Kareshi no Aishikata

 9.4(4024 voted)
Author(s): sakyou aya,SAKYO Aya
Genre(s): Romance / Smut / Supernatural / Yaoi

The start, or more like some kind of prequel for the eldest brother's own story fukigen kareshi.
Main couple are living together and suddenly, seme's elder brother arrived and spouted over social status differences both in the businessworld and as the higher breed of werecats. Kakami's family circumstance explored.

21 06,2016 10:21

Fukigen Kareshi no Nadamekata

 9.1(3724 voted)
Author(s): Sakyou Aya , SAKYO Aya
Genre(s): Yaoi / Drama / Romance / Supernatural

A direct sequel of the kuroneko franchise with yuujin, kakami's elder bro's in his POV and backstory.
The painful, sacrificial & pressure-filled life of the heir of a noble clan.
Those moments where this guy... the conglomerate businessman and heir who had lived in humongous castles and luxurious 5-star hotels... marvels at the convenience store and that flan from a normal diner is amusing.
#supernatural #animal transformation.

20 02,2016 21:11

Yankee-kun To Pantsu No Ouji-sama

 8.1(1373 voted)
Author(s): kayuma mimu
Genre(s): Comedy / Drama / Romance / School Life / Yaoi

princely sempai seme is the heir of the suoh enterprise. that even in the middle of their rich kid's school he's been treated like royalty. in contrast, there's this delinquent whose background is a mystery that everyone looks down to. truth be told, he's nothing lesser. he's actually the son of the school owner.
at chap. 5 they met seme's family member and tested the delinquent.

05 03,2016 20:54

Leopard Hakusho

 9.1(2641 voted)
Author(s): ougi yuzuha
Genre(s): Drama / Romance / Yaoi

vol. 1: seme is an elite businessman at the top of the business food chain. he's set to inherit the powerful family conglomerate so engagement talks are getting harder to refuse and amids that, he decided to acquire this beautiful wildcat. nice and long yacht date. #physical relationship to love

14 01,2016 09:44

Ore no Mune de Sake

 8.3(1441 voted)
Author(s): Fujikawa Ruri
Genre(s): Romance / Yaoi

the stiff and sullen young master of the clan of an ikebana school (uke) and a renowned flower designer (seme). tension and #hate to love on the first chapters.

02 02,2016 18:14

Mukuchi Na Koi No Tsutaekata

 8.4(937 voted)
Author(s): yamato nase
Genre(s): Drama / Romance / Yaoi

their parents are best friends. both fathers are restaurant owners but before uke inherits theirs, his dad died and the resto falls down along with him. at chapter 7-8 seme's father offered a position at their main/office branch with seme as the future head in sights. will they still keep their relationship secret or are they going to come out?

27 01,2016 10:06

Oboreru Kemono no Koibito

 8.7(1010 voted)
Author(s): fujisaki kou
Genre(s): Drama / Romance / Smut / Yaoi

uke is being groomed as next head... secretly. he's currently on OJT in the company and to everyone's shock, while being a mere intern has started working beside chiharu to learn more about business.

several days ago

Kuchizuke wa Uso no Aji

 9.2(4511 voted)
Author(s): SAGAMI Waka
Genre(s): Romance / Slice of Life / Yaoi

i wanted to do a proper review once it's finished

several days ago

Akuma ni kiss wo

 8.1(741 voted)
Author(s): MADARAME Hiro
Genre(s): Yaoi

the firstborn of the naruse family. the one managing the family business. is a successful businessman. but despite having a pervert and an S for little brothers he's actually still a virgin?
warning: painfully slow in scanlation.

several days ago

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