BL with childcare / LGBT parenthood

Some childcare or stories involving single parenting, LGBT parents or being a family in a yaoi/bl environment. Usually, the child is faced in a situation that a parent/guardian is gay. Children in these collection are of wide age bracket, from infancy to high school. 

Types of stories:  
 Son's POV - family manga with gay parents but the story is in the son's persp.
 single parent - dad is the main character of the story 
 guardian x friend helps
 guardian x son/nephew etc. 

Tags: BL bi sexuality
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Kozure Ookami (INOUE Satou)

 7.8(1245 voted)
Author(s): inoue satou
Genre(s): Comedy / Drama / Romance / Slice Of Life / Yaoi

infant sons, up till the kids grew up.
Dad x dad
Page 1-71, 170-184: My favourite yaoi child-rearing manga. centered around taking care of the kids.
Amusing neighbors who had a lot in common. The hard life of a single father w/ a toddler on tow. Started getting cozy but degenerated into stupid petty fights. Unfortunately, the son takes priority than his own lovelife so uke had to go away. Or so he claims as he ran away from his feelings. But destiny is not finished w/ them.

several days ago

Sorenari ni Shinken nandesu

 9.4(3789 voted)
Author(s): asou kai
Genre(s): Comedy / Shounen Ai / Slice Of Life / Yaoi

well behaved kindergarten daughter
single father x gay salaryman.
one of the best lgbt parent stories out there. the single father is foremost a straight man. i love how the other guy eventually became a part of their (father and daughter's) life. great plot w/parenting issues as well. girl's such an intelligent kid. i think she somehow understands her dad's relationship with the other guy. and it's cool how she's like treating the seme as her other parent

several days ago

Himegoto Asobi

 9.3(2913 voted)
Author(s): sakuragi yaya
Genre(s): Comedy / Yaoi

daughter in elementary
single father uke x doctor seme.
uke is a laidback shop owner and a womanizer in his heydey. seme is a doctor and a gay guy who had bad taste in men (his types were the non-serious ones, exactly like the uke)
once of the best BL with child story ever. Morever, I totally dig the manly couple type.
#playboy tamed by love.

several days ago

Dekichatta Danshi

 9.1(2669 voted)
Author(s): mikage tsubaki
Genre(s): Comedy / School Life / Yaoi

infant to high school
uke is instant dad for nephew. seme is the responsible neighbor. teamed together they are like a little family.
very smutty manga. aside from it, is also childcare-centric.
there goes his playboy lifestyle. now he had to play mommy for his sister's kid but he's just a kid too, merely a 17-year old boy. so his childhood friend cum sex friend (and future lover?) yuu pitched in.
son grew up and had his own lover

several days ago

Koishite Daddy

 9.1(3642 voted)
Author(s): KITAZAWA Kyou
Genre(s): Comedy / Drama / Romance / Slice of Life / Yaoi

toddler son
salaryman single parent x college student.
little baby rin is so cuuuute!!!!!! they had a bad start since dad knows neighbour is gay. and of course, there's the problems of a newly divorced man. later on, uke's parents (he's still a college student) suddenly appeared in his apt. and saw him with the next-door dad

several days ago

Musuko Ga Osewa Ni Nattemasu!

 8.3(1504 voted)
Author(s): Amagi Reno
Genre(s): Yaoi

kindergarten son
son's kindergarten sensei x dad
one funny super-assuming Dad and his innuendos. Crushing on the hot guy who he had a one night stand with that turned out to be his child's nursery teacher.
Btw this authors work is always wacky. check her other works for more entertainment

several days ago

Dear. Gentle Papa

 8.5(934 voted)
Author(s): yamato nase
Genre(s): Comedy / Shotacon / Yaoi

son is an elementary school boy.
single father x college boy
POV of college boy uke.
age gap. knew dad through classmate (college). and since uke is best friends with the son's bf, they desperately hide their relationship to him. enter comical, forehead-slapping moments.
cheeky son makes a play on uke's name calling him 'Okaa-san'. Cute.
shota sub-pairing (son x uke's friend)

several days ago

Papa I Love You

 8.6(1933 voted)
Author(s): mishima kazuhiko
Genre(s): Comedy / Drama / Shounen Ai / Slice Of Life / Yaoi

adoptive father/uncle uke x nephew seme
15 yo and 5 yo sons/nephew.
the 'suddenly there's kid i need to take care of' storyline. love interest is the older high school nephew. the youngest is cute.
incest. age gap, adult x minor.

several days ago

Baby I Love You

 8.0(1060 voted)
Author(s): MISHIMA Kazuhiko
Genre(s): Comedy / Yaoi

son's POV
2nd son x dad's officemate/best friend.
⟫ Papa I Love You > Baby I Love You.
sequel of Papa I love you. 10-year time skip. our baby akio has now became a teenager.
warning for childish seme (he's a 15yo guys... cut some slack)

30 03,2017 17:33

Sex Pistols

 9.0(2691 voted)
Author(s): kotobuki tarako
Genre(s): Comedy / Drama / Supernatural / Yaoi

seme grew up with his lesbian parents. lesbian parents got their own few chapters later.
LGBT multiple couples. Mpreg thrown in the plot. there's childcare at later chapters too.

several days ago

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