mean-faced softie || evil eyes

 sanpaku eyes  mean-faced softie 
note: can be a combination of both. 

sanpaku eyes... whut? - those slanty eye with small eyeballs with a look that could kill in a single glare. think: aitsu daihonmei's yoshida.

I also indicated if it's the seme or the uke. You choose!
Tags: BL face value
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Uke: horror-movie worth of *staaare*
Seme: Ah fear, my old friend

Sonna Me De Mite Kure

15 09,2017 18:39

Sonna Me De Mite Kure

 8.9(1495 voted)
Author(s): moudama chokusen
Genre(s): Comedy / School Life / Shounen Ai

sanpaku eyes mean-faced cry-baby.
Mikado-sama the SC president, is top in academics, sports and looks. He knew he's perfect. In fact, he IS God's greatest gift to man so imagine his shock when this freshman with a pretty smile ignored him. Intrigued, he tried to "nicely" cut the boy's long bangs so the little guy could see his full glory but instead of a cute face he's expecting he was greeted with a glare from hell?

15 09,2017 18:47

Secret News

 7.7(680 voted)
Author(s): Naono Bohra
Genre(s): Comedy / One Shot / Romance / Yaoi

funny and kinda random office life manga with a newcomer seme and a mean-faced boss

11 01,2016 17:44

Everyday Smile

 8.2(968 voted)
Author(s): naono bohra
Genre(s): Yaoi

ch. 4: #school life #two-faced #cute seme x #misunderstood, harsh looking uke. #sex at the rooftop.
it's funny how their appearance are inverted for how a seme and uke normally looks. cute seme bullies scary-looking uke (and he's ok with it bec he loves the seme)

11 01,2016 19:39

Samishigariya no Love Letter

 9.2(3079 voted)
Author(s): Nanoka
Genre(s): Romance / School Life / Shounen Ai / Supernatural

ch.3-4: the tall, delinquent-looking guy complete with dyed hair and piercings becomes a little duckling following his mama when it comes to haru

11 01,2016 19:52


 8.2(1412 voted)
Author(s): naono bohra
Genre(s): Action / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance / School Life / Supernatural / Yaoi

ch 1.: stereotyping at school. #misunderstood character #face of a thug but is actually shy. #supernatural. poor guy. met an electrical-charged sempai. Like LITERALLY charged.
#kind seme x clumsy uke

11 01,2016 20:58

Cafe Latte Rhapsody

 8.8(1308 voted)
Author(s): KAWAI Touko
Genre(s): Drama / Romance / Yaoi

intense face and an imposing height coupled with his light brown hair makes seme look scary enough for those who do not know him. he is actually a shy and timid guy in person despite how he looks

13 01,2016 17:02

Yume No You Na Hanashi

 8.5(2538 voted)
Author(s): kiriyu kiyoi
Genre(s): Comedy / Yaoi

sanpaku eyes mean-faced but has a nice and cute dere side
ch. 11: First story of The lion doesn't refuse. #sempai-kohai. #taller #delinquent uke complete with piercings x that sparkly princely-type seme (sequel at Ichiban Chikaku De Koi O Suru)

17 02,2016 19:45

Ichiban Chikaku De Koi O Suru

 8.6(2868 voted)
Author(s): kiriyu kiyoi
Genre(s): Yaoi

ch.4-5: an actual thug... lots of piercings, menacing looks and humongous. goes dere (like WTF, it's hilarious) when he's with the princely looking sempai.

14 01,2016 06:43

Ai no Gebokutachi

 8.2(1595 voted)
Author(s): sakurai shushushu
Genre(s): Comedy / Smut / Yaoi

ch.3: gunji may look like he's always glaring but is actually a sweet guy.
ch. 5: delinquent looking guy that works for the yakuza. sounds impressive but a decade ago, he's that crying snotty-faced boy... and he's still that wuss in person even now.

15 01,2016 20:44

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