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I SHIP IT!!!!!!<span class
omfg that little meatbun thingy is SO friggin' CUTE! i bet it's gonna evolve into a badass monster.
Rereading this for the millionth time; gahhh I love her
This kills me I love this series why isn't this an anime yet cause it totally should.
Lolidragon's ideal Prince was just like Feng lang's Prince xD
What does organized and legal mean when it comes to faces LOL
what does she mean by legal...? *commencing confusion*
..... oh my god prince that's graphic.... *shivers*
Hahahaha!!! I love this scene!!! It's so hilarious!
wow what a way to convince someone to be lord
"He's the one we go to when we're hungre"
*laughs* oh dear~ we got a furry lover.
...... her beast mode was activated....
*stares at tree flipping them off*
loli dragon the wandreing theif
Love ya hun, I'd do it he same.

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1/2 Prince
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Yu Wo 2006 released.
Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Gender Bender / Martial Arts / Romance / Sci-fi / Shoujo / Shounen
Наполовину принц; Полу-принц; Пол-принца; 二分之一王子; ½ 王子; ½ Prince; 1/2 Принц; 1/2 王子; 1/2 Hoàng Tử; 1/2 Princas; 1/2 Wangzi; 1|2 Prince; 2分之1王子; Half Prince
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