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I feel bad for Senri
someones not getting girlfriend~!! (bet you 20$ he's gonna be gay in the future)
tryin to make your friends remember something. * twirls finger infront of you*
ever feel like a princess when you spin around in a fluffy expensive dress?
XD he put her hair clip in his book, and that little music note XD
i love how beautiful husky is, he's just gorgeous in this pic.
DICK! HIS NAME IS DICK.*continues to laugh for 10 minutes*
i love how cooro is so carefree, Husky is too serious!
husky's shorts are so short... or are they underwear.
the boy who loved a mermaid... such a pretty mermaid.
sometimes friends are the true gift of freedom.
awww TwT i wish i had someone to worry about
when someone punches you in their sleep XD
XD she's just playing with them now!
oh.. i see, badass in pretty clothes
Its cute but funny... mostly cute...

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Plus Anima
Mukai Natsumi 2001 released.
Adventure / Fantasy / Shounen
Plus Anima, Parallel +Anima
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