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What kind of moe is this?
Hmmm...I wonder who's gonna be the partner of Santarou in the end...I'm rooting for the 4 semes :D
This is friggin hot and at the same time cute...bc of the animal ears and devil horns of Sukai! ^^
What's with those sexy stares?! DONT WORRY I AINT GONNA STEAL HIM a'right?! Damn...they're hot.
I'm rereading this manga ^o^ I first red it on MangaHere but I transferred here bc it was slow
Jeezuz well this guy's a pervert having yaoi wet dreams...But he's still cute and my baby
I gotta say...THIS ART OR WHOEVER IS THE ARTIST IS AMAZING!...I love this so much! ^^
.....Okay! doesn't look like it but this is Yaoi after all and I love it!
"We're going to paradise" killed me
Awwww! ^^ damn cutiess!!!!!!~
èim probably a slut lolè
ew the faces are so gross

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Bokura To Usagi No Koi Wa Sensou
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Nagarenai Tissue 2015 released.
School Life / Supernatural / Yaoi
僕らとうさぎの恋は戦争; Love & School Tribe
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