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So the reason he didn't die right when he was poisoned was that he was fighting the God of death....
So much drama already
oh my god... He went from an adorable dork to a sly looking beast.. O.o
Darn, the wig fell off... Would have been hilarious if it stayed on...
Cross dressed
What...? What song!? I doubt belca can sing...
Awww! Poor Eco got his dreams crushed!!!
So he did know mc is Prince
Hehe... They do suit him...!
Ah... Secrets out...!
That pun was awful.
Wait.. What??????

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+c: Sword And Cornett
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Yugyoji Tama 2008 released.
Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Josei
+C: Меч и Корнетт +C: 剑与号角 +C: 剑和科尼特 +C: Schwert und Krone Plus-si: Sword and Cornett Thanh Kiếm Và Vương Miện
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