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So the reason he didn't die right when he was poisoned was that he was fighting the God of death....
oh my god... He went from an adorable dork to a sly looking beast.. O.o
Darn, the wig fell off... Would have been hilarious if it stayed on...
What...? What song!? I doubt belca can sing...
Awww! Poor Eco got his dreams crushed!!!
Hehe... They do suit him...!
Ah... Secrets out...!
That pun was awful.

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+c: Sword And Cornett
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Yugyoji Tama 2008 released.
Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Josei
+C: Меч и Корнетт +C: 剑与号角 +C: 剑和科尼特 +C: Schwert und Krone Plus-si: Sword and Cornett Thanh Kiếm Và Vương Miện
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