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finally an uke that understands!! but i hope you don't fall for the trap.... :(
Hey can't I have my own hot good-at-sex cleaning ghost? Like, YES PLEASE
Stocholm syndrome my dear
Thank to your sexy body Yuuji I have a lady boner now
Cute gay dude, couldn't just ignore that shot.. XD
Mwuahahahaha that smile so so mean! I love it xD
woah kousuke is trying really hard to hold back
A water gun xDDD yes that's really threatening!
Wow that's handy! Sex with clothes on! XD
Where'd your resolve go now? XD
Creeeeepyyyy...! But so hot! xD
Better from the cold, yes...
OMG WHAT????????????????
oh no-- he's alive!!!!
Mmmm nice back shot.
maybe you're an M?

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Dos Obake Ga Nekasetekurenai
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Tokishiba 2016 released.
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