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"Strangely enough, at that moment I felt like the person in front of me wasn't Tae-min."
"I can wait for you to open your eyes. But I can't forgive you trying to escape from me"
"You act heartless but can't ignore others' misfortunes.. Because you're Tae-min!!"
"I wanna find those guys who hurt(rape) you like that right now and kill them all."
"Because you're Tae-min, the only precious thing to me in the first place."
YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! ME!! THIS IS WHAT MY FRIENDS CALL ME!!...... well if I had any.....
"It's not polite to ignore someone picking on me..
I'll make you realize who can be more devilish!"
"If you could do that (chases me around forever).. I would happily welcome." - Kyaa~♡
'Min Woo Jin' an abused child at slums becomes 'Than Si Woon', only heir of Hansung Group's Ceo.
"TBH I'm scared of going home. If his wish became true like mine that means me, TaeMin's dead."
"Definitely If I acted only on my own desires..
You would've run away." - Kyaa~♡ Please act!
that poor boy! I just want to love and take care of him
"Once I've bitten, I don't let go!
If you bother me again, I'll be the one to hunt you down."
"You act heartless, but you can't ignore others' misfortunes, because you're Yoon Tae-Min"
"I never get tired of watching him~♡" <- I said for Woo-Jin. Heh~(*≧▽≦)ノシ))
"You've no right for pique as you're the one who left me & disappeared w/o a single word."
Woah! Nice Punch dude.(๑•ㅂ•)و

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What Lies at the End
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Haribo 2016 released.
School Life / Shounen Ai / Supernatural
그 끝에 있는 것; Geu Kkeute Issneun Geos
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