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O.o wow nemu i never expected him to be that Hot!!! Kyaaa<span c
Akira<span class="emoji em
Awwwww! The thought of living with Nemu! The toothbrushes though <
kyaa daiju<span class="emoji
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I freaking love this couple <span class="emoji emoji1f496"></spa
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Took you long enough. A Seme actually apologised to a Uke for raping him. <span class="emoji emoji1f63
ijust love sensei as hawtie as he is<span class="emoji emoji1f60
i want a boyfriend like m
Officially lovers
*Gay gasp* OMG
That one moment your heart stops beating
Aww poor nema he needs his maya
nosebleed omg maya too hawt

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Hidoku Shinaide
Ongoing    RSS
Nekota Yonezou 2007 released.
Comedy / School Life / Yaoi
請別太過份, 酷くしないで, Hidoku Shinai de - Takanashi Akira Hen; Akira Takanashi's Story; Treat me gently, please – Akira story
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