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Lol! What's up with cute clueless guy in background? (He just seems clueless, don't know if he is)
Sudden kiss! I did not see that coming! I fangirl like crazy when they kiss! XD
I like how he peeks at him. It makes me picture Naruto and Sasuke
I wonder if he tried asking normally first? Lol!
"I don't mind it at all..." Lol!!
From the manga Koko Kara Dousuru
WTH! That's too cute and sexy!
lol, best comedic route ever!
T..t...toooooo cuuuute!!!!!
shiraki x asanuma
koko kara dousuru
Stubborn "hubby"
Cute socks!

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Koko kara Dousuru?
MIIKE Romuko 0 released.
School Life / Supernatural / Yaoi
What Will We Do From Here?,What Will You Do From Here?,
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