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Sexy Leg~♡ The Uke's naked body is very beautiful & alluring. BTW Hope we'll see more flower scene.
please, can't you use their names instead of everyone being called these generic titles?
"I found out all my family's killed & I had nowhere to go.. I was trembling with fear.."
It's first time he makes a 'Love Mark' as if to mark him as his. (。♡‿♡。)⋆゚
Omg little Lucaon and Sihan were so cute!!! Lucaon return to your old self right now!
Mr.Jealous even snaps at Uncle Ryan. - Somehow I feel so good. ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
Lucaon crying over a dead "baby" Christmas tree is the cutest
Finally the Tyrant Seme knows how to be gentle(again). Heh~
i love christoph??? wheres the appreciation????
Your doing so well! DON'T SPILL THE BEANS NOW!
Awhhhh... Lucaon's so cruel to Kyon... :')
OMG.......OMG!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why..... is this so cute? *pmhh* lol
he's so beautiful, like an angel <3
Just a place for me o hide my sins
Sihan's ex-human! Kyon can turn into Royal Blood to live immortal-like life with Lucaon then. (ᐛ)
Sihan & Karis - "Royal Servant"
Finally! Another sex scene :P

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Royal Servant
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MasterGin , Chungnyun 2016 released.
Supernatural / Yaoi
ロイヤル・サーヴァント; 로열 서번트;
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