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''does banana.....'' haahhahah ask it to Karis or Kyon. They're good at tasting <span class="emoji emo
ok here we go again.. lightsaber dicks this ain't disney channel for u to censor you know
WHY THE HECK ARE YOU SMILING? HE JUST RAPED YOU. well maybe it felt good hehehe
how come you weren't heard by someone?? *inner voice: i told you yaoi logic, get it already.*
HOW COME THEY WEREN'T SEEN? AND WHERE IS EVERYBODY?? YAOI CLICHES... <span class="emoji emoji1f601"></
omyghawd!!!!! RYAN IS SO HAWT!!! I REPEAT, RYAN HYUNG IS SO HAWT!!! <span class="emoji emoji1f601"></s
FUCK!! DONT DO IT IN PUBLIC!! YOU BITCHESSSS, YOU'LL GET CAUGHT!!! <span class="emoji emoji1f601"></sp
And so that's where the 2 ukes collided and joined forces <span
AGAIN, I FREAKING LOVE THIS CHARACTER!!! [email protected]!!!!!! <span clas
after reading the last two conversations. me be like: ''oh no you dont. uh-uh, boy dont.'' <span class
''my mind's going blank'' because it feel good yes? <span class=
<span class="emoji emoji1f
OHHHHHH, DEYM BUMBUM. JUICY BUM BUM, EH? <span class="emoji emoj
''suck'' suck on whut?
in the first place, where and how did he have or bought that dildo without being caught??? powers
Lucaon's inner voice:''yeah, i'm standing so stoic and fabulously letting someone suck my dick.''

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Royal Servant
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MasterGin , Chungnyun 2016 released.
Supernatural / Yaoi
ロイヤル・サーヴァント; 로열 서번트;
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