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When Kai fights, it always amazes me
Yesss!! He remembers
yeah, this is just sad, i've seen REAL boy prettier then she is! how does this women function!!!
Hal's tragic past.
he murdered his brother, and then his brothers voice got trapped in his head... poor guy..
kai's face makes you wonder what he's looking at... turns out, it's just a shirt....
OMG, I thought he is going to kiss him.Sensei well played.You've been tortured me
Poor Kai, needs to be cross dressed
One thing after another
i love this picture... it looks so cool for some reason...
Cross dressing
he saw
So most of them were involved w/ "switch"
w-well then...that's not weird at all!

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Naked Ape 2002 released.
Action / Drama / Mature / Mystery / Psychological / Shounen / Shounen Ai
缉毒特搜班; switch; سويتش(Arabic)
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