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Bahahahahahahahahahaha <s
this shit hoooooooo <span
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GYAAAAAAA!!!!! <span class
Poor you whom couldn't escape from Asami's wrath. <span class="
Tho cant beat this look<sp
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Tuk into bed how ssweet night night<span class="emoji emoji1f618
Haha Asami looked pretty annoyed, they were talking about him like he wasn't even there <span class="e
Asami's in black shirt and wearing neklace.. I want moarrr I want moaarr!!! <span class="emoji emoji1f
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YESSSS ASAMI AND AKI ARE BACK!! <span class="emoji emoji2764"></sp
Akihito going to train (gotta protect his lover <span class="emo
ohh lala <span class="emoj
( ° ʖ °)( ° ʖ °)( ° ʖ °)( ° ʖ °)( ° ʖ °)( ° ʖ °)( ° ʖ °)( ° ʖ °)(

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Yamane Ayano 2001 released.
Action / Drama / Mature / Yaoi
ファインダーの標的; ファインダーの檻; ファインダーの渇望; ファインダーの熱情; ファインダーの真実; ファインダーの虜囚; ファインダーの隻翼; ファインダーの渇望; 探索者系列; Viewfinder; Viewfinder Series; Finder no Hyouteki; Finder no Netsujou; Finder no Ori; Finder no Ryoshuu; Finder no Sekiyoku; Finder no Shinjitsu; Finder no Katsubou; Finder Series; Target in the Viewfinder; Cage in the Viewfinder; One Wing in the Viewfinder; Prisoner in the Viewfinder; Truth in the Viewfinder; Passion in the Viewfinder; Desire in the Viewfinder; You're My Loveprize in Viewfinder
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