Finding a manhwa (i think)

September 13, 2017 4:06 pm

Arghh i lost this manhwa and i only just read the first 5 pages or so and the summary, freaking annoying!!

So all i remember was that it starts of with them kissing (i think, just something un ordinary i forgot hihi) then i think the uke was a delivery boy the seme was like rich or like his sister was rich, like the owner of a company or something idk and he was only sent to receive something from the uke(since uke was a delivery boy) i think)

I remember it being colored and it had the manhwa format (like the ones u usually see in tapas or lezhin)

Im so sorry this is all i know, i found this awhile back, like a couple months ago and i only bothered to ask now.. i think i found this by looking through some rich x poor or ordinary x elite lists that i follow but i still cant find it to this day, someone please help me huhu thankyou (︶︿︶)

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