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Here's a summary of what happens in the first two chapters of volume six, for those who can't read Spanish, Chinese, and/or Japanese, and have no access to English scans:

Chapter 1 opens with Maya and Nemu talking about Nemu's being fired from his part-time job after working for only two days, so Maya suggested teaching, saying Nemu was pretty good at teaching him when they were in high school. That made Nemu happy and all hot and bothered, so he kissed Maya and asked if they can do it (teehee~). The following scenes are from their respective unis, with Maya talking to his friends about joining study groups, and Nemu talking to Okino about his and Maya's couple rings. <3

Later on Maya finds out from Nemu that he became acquainted with Shimakawa Naoya (YES, THAT SEX GOD NAOYA AKA AKIRA'S LOVER) and Maya panics. As seen in a previous chapter, Naoya and Maya know each other from way back, and apparently he had been supplying Maya with girls (LOL this was before Nemu and Maya got together, of course), so I guess Maya doesn't want Nemu to find out about that?

So here's where the fishy blond dude enters the picture. He's someone from Maya's uni, older than him. He asks Maya a favor in exchange for lunch tickets and exam reviewers (past test papers). Regarding the favor, blond dude asked Maya for help in inviting guests to a certain party that he's organizing. Maya refuses at first, but eventually got swayed and agreed to help him. The succeeding pages shows Maya and Nemu at Maya's part-time job discussing the organizing gig, with Maya complaining he doesn't want to do it anymore and Nemu scolding him for being half-assed.

Finally, the scene shifts to the party. Maya learns the blond guy's name (it's Ruka, apparently). The final page shows Maya's thoughts about Ruka, saying he seems like a harmless person but can really fuck things up for you. Something like that.


In chapter two, Nemu gets a part-time job at a cram school, but he has a shift on Maya's day off, so of course, Maya being Maya, he got pissed and scolded Nemu for it. Haha. Nemu reasoned out, apologize, and tried to appease his boyfriend.

Next we see Maya in uni and Furukawa (Ruka) approaches him and asks him for another favor. Maya refuses before he can even tell him what it is, but Ruka keeps talking and manages to convince Maya again, albeit half-heartedly.

In the next scene, Maya is shown sleeping and is woken up by a call from a female friend who knows Fukurawa. Curious, Maya asks her about him and came to the conclusion that the guy is only networking. So the following day Maya confronts him about it but Furukawa tells him he's not networking, but rather he's figuring out his life and what to do with it. Maya then told him he's no longer taking any gigs from him, explaining he has no time because *points to his couple ring* (TEEHEE MAYA I'M SO PROUD OF YOU <3) so Furukawa's like, oh okay, you have a girl, alright. So while Maya was leaving, Furukawa called out to him one more time and threw him a piece of paper containing information on a librarian. There have been several translations for Maya's major, but I'm guessing he's taking Library Science. Anyway, Furukawa informed Maya of a part-time job at a library, so Maya called Nemu and told him about it and they had a lovey-dovey (sort of) phone convo.

Maya then went to the library and met with the librarian Furukawa referred him to. Maya learns the ropes of the job and afterward, he and the librarian ended up talking about Ruka. Anyway, toward the end of the conversation with librarian-san, Maya realized he probably wasn't cut out for library work (remember Maya's motivation for studying to be a librarian was his interest in erotic books). He approached Ruka again and told him about his realization. Ruka hands him another piece of paper containing god knows what and Maya thinks to himself that it should be okay.

The last couple of pages show Maya and Nemu POST-SEX (*cry* I assumed it was post, since they're both naked in bed), and they talk about Maya's decision. Nemu wouldn't shut up about it, so Maya makes him by asking him what Nemu wants to do to him (there's a scene earlier on about this). This is the scene where a blushing Nemu whispers something to Maya's ear (A SUPER SWEET SCENE IMO) and they both blush and Maya tells him he can't do *that*. Whatever that is, only Yonezou-sensei knows~


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    I love you too, anon ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭

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    I love you I love this manga so much.. I like the main couple of maya & nemu...

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    Me too! They are my ultimate OTP. My forever babies (๑•ㅂ•)و✧

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    wheres the raws of volume six if you know i wanna see them so bad having maya an nemu withdrawels here lol ╥﹏╥

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    I have looked at the raws, too. Thank you for explaining it! Also, for those who haven't seen it, in the raws there is a colored page where it shows nemugasa crying and saying sorry to maya, they are standing in the rain. And maya says if shimakawa did something to him.

  • fujoshineko July 17, 2015 10:41 pm
    I have looked at the raws, too. Thank you for explaining it! Also, for those who haven't seen it, in the raws there is a colored page where it shows nemugasa crying and saying sorry to maya, they are standing i... Secret

    Oh my gosh, right, I can't believe I skipped that part hahaha!

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