two unanswered questions

November 19, 2015 6:48 pm

Hi Guys! Today I finished a yaoi manga. I tell you that because the story reminded me of 2 questions (searched mangas, a few weeks ago 4, 6, 8?). They asked the questions more than once. I forgot who it was...
Ok first question was like this: there where 2 childhoodfriends (rich+poor, probably neighbours) and one day some bad guys came to kidnapp the rich child. His friend pushed him away and said he is the rich guy to save his friend. later he was saved...
2 question: two guys stand up on a staircase and there is third guy who is falling down the stairs (because he is pushed) and then dies...
It's the same manga (one story). Maybe the questioner read this :) and sorry for my english I tried my best

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