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Any BL with a caring uke with a warm personality that is honest to his feelings; and a devoted and gentle seme that doesn't force himself to the uke and doesn't get easily jealous over anyone with an actual healthy relationship built with strong foundation rooted in deep trust, understanding and loyalty. And if there are some misunderstandings, they don't let the day pass by without sorting it out.

Sorry for being so specific, I'm just tired of these yaoi manga with dishonest characters with fragile relationships and don't know how to sit the freaking down and talk about the problem so that it doesn't create further misunderstandings that might threaten the state of their relationship. (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜

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are they trying to build it up to some big catharsis or what man? lame if so, since then itd just follow the whole cliche sob-resolve trope. id love for minoh to assert his feelings and get jungle to express himself if he wont do it on his own.

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From Lezhin: Conor, a Korean-American, lives in a city where same-sex marriage has been legalized, b...

  • Author: Juns
  • Genres: Drama / Yaoi