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I got intp-a with 100% introversion lololol   3 reply
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Umm well one time when I heard some fuk make a vulgar joke related to how animals are slaughtered cos they're stupid etc. Made me think of putting them in a cage way two small for them and deprive them of all freedom, then cut of their arm and feed it to one of their friends that was laughing while he watched. But I was in bad mood that day so :3,......   reply
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Love is a delusion.   1 reply
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1. Pretended to be a stranger and hookup with my friends and right b4 be like lololol its me 2. Cry cos I lost all my gainz and can't get them back :,( (Lol and I'd become a fujishoi :D)   reply
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People are doing

want to do get a tattoo

I have several tattoos planned out to get once I have the money. the one I want most is a triquetra on my back right under my neck.

4 hours ago
did being awake for far too long

I was awake for well over 24 hours the night, and day after my niece was born.

4 hours ago
want to do turn into a guy

I just want to run without look like a hentai gif xD And that's only one of many things I'll try if. But. Running gets the #1.

6 hours ago