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I don't have Trypophobia Here is coming a weird one ; Thalassophobia. I'm afraid of large water bodies. I don't know how to swim and i can't learn even if i try because i have an incredibly disgusting feelin when i get in sea. When I think about being in a ship on ocean , my chest starting to hurt up to my throat. I can get in sea if i can see wha......   2 reply
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did confess to your crush

I always confess to my crushes, there's nothing wrong with being a girl that knows what she wants

17 hours ago
did favorite yaoi manga

Dark Heaven is fucking amazing. It speaks to me and I really respect the author for trying to get his words out there and educate people.

21 hours ago
want to do favorite yaoi manga

so many to choose from aa probably between hana no mizo shiru, umibe no etranger, and doushitemo furetakunai

21 hours ago