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I don't have Trypophobia Here is coming a weird one ; Thalassophobia. I'm afraid of large water bodies. I don't know how to swim and i can't learn even if i try because i have an incredibly disgusting feelin when i get in sea. When I think about being in a ship on ocean , my chest starting to hurt up to my throat. I can get in sea if i can see wha......   2 reply
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People are doing

want to do travel to a different country

i wanna go to japan & south korea (obviously) but also parts of england and south america

9 hours ago
did first kiss

i had my first kiss at 12?? with my at the time bf and then/now male best friend. it was kind of awkward but i don't regret it.

9 hours ago
did first kiss

It was very, very awkward. I was reaching for a stapler and he thought I said something and whipped around and our lips touched. Disgusting.

10 hours ago