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I'm been reading yaoi manga ever since I was in high school and I still enjoy it even when I'm a working adult. I maybe a bit exaggerating but it's been a great part of my life. I basically read everyday and took pauses only if I'm busy or have an exam (when I was still a student). I want to read all the Yaoi in the world but my somehow my aesthe......   1 reply
16 12,2016 00:57

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I would much prefer lazing around in my boyfriends room. Maybe watch movies and order some pizza. Then share a nice cake. Bringing me Mcdonalds would only turn my mood sour.. I'm not a high maintenance girl but if he's being super lazy and thinks that eating outside is considered a date, then say bye bye.   reply
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Arghh.. I forgot that 19 days was Chinese!! But 19 days was my first webtoon.. So let me correct myself!!! My first Korean webtoon would be Killing Stalking... I was the one who started the question but didn't notice this error.. Gomen gomen.. ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄   reply
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I delete my history only when I watch porn... It was all in my dark past but I was caught by my brother watching lesbian porn. They've saw my recent history and quickly confronted me. They've suspected that I'm a lesbian but I only watch it to masturbate. I'm straight FYI and they didn't understand that SOME straight female watch lesbian porn. I me......   1 reply
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1. Romance 2. Shoujo 3. Sports This is the only things that I read + YAOI But I'm more passionate in reading BL!!!   reply
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My first webtoon if I remember correctly was '19 days'.
I was not aware that this was a webtoon and treated it just like a manga.
I was confused at first because i was reading it from right to left.
Also I didn't know a page was usually that long, so I usually missed out some of the panel.
I was an idiot back then.

Now I'm completely obsessed with Korean webtoon.
My favorites are Lookism, Blood Bank, What lies in the end and Killing Stalking. 
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I'm 26 years and believe it or not, I'm still a virgin.
I'm not proud nor depressed by this fact. 
I had my reasons why I stayed untouched for this long but maybe I should change myself and be adventurous this time around.
So I'm curious what are the majority age when people lose it.
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want to do first kiss

How sad this life is.. *kiss my cat*

18 hours ago
want to do first kiss

I'm still young! I have time.

*scrolls through yaoi manga*

Yep, plenty of time.

19 hours ago
did first kiss

I don't know what counts as a first kiss. When I was on the bus in first grade? Playing spin the bottle in eighth grade? It doesn't matter.

1 days ago