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I've been dying to know the title of this manga... Can you please help me... Here is the picture:   3 reply
13 days ago
I'm been reading yaoi manga ever since I was in high school and I still enjoy it even when I'm a working adult. I maybe a bit exaggerating but it's been a great part of my life. I basically read everyday and took pauses only if I'm busy or have an exam (when I was still a student). I want to read all the Yaoi in the world but my somehow my aesthe......   2 reply
16 12,2016 00:57

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Princess_bubblegum 24 01,2017 01:41
Also I want to add something.. YAOI couples having sex in inconvenient places (bathroom, school, office room) without having enough preparations. Hello a man's ass is not SELF-LUBRICATING. I'm amazed on how they do it, do they carry lubes in their pocket all the time?? Talk about unrealistic.. But satisfying someone's fantasy is far more important......   2 reply
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I would much prefer lazing around in my boyfriends room. Maybe watch movies and order some pizza. Then share a nice cake. Bringing me Mcdonalds would only turn my mood sour.. I'm not a high maintenance girl but if he's being super lazy and thinks that eating outside is considered a date, then say bye bye.   reply
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Arghh.. I forgot that 19 days was Chinese!! But 19 days was my first webtoon.. So let me correct myself!!! My first Korean webtoon would be Killing Stalking... I was the one who started the question but didn't notice this error.. Gomen gomen.. ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄   reply
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I delete my history only when I watch porn... It was all in my dark past but I was caught by my brother watching lesbian porn. They've saw my recent history and quickly confronted me. They've suspected that I'm a lesbian but I only watch it to masturbate. I'm straight FYI and they didn't understand that SOME straight female watch lesbian porn. I me......   1 reply
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Princess_bubblegum 24 01,2017 00:41
Firat of all, I want to clarify that I'm not insulting the whole YAOI genre.
I'm a hardcore fujoshi myself and I've been reading it for more than 10 years.
But I'm getting sick of this YAOI cliches that are FAR TOO UNREALISTIC..
I'm not saying that this applies to all YAOI mangas but it sometimes become a pattern in some.
I just want to enumerate them and get it out of my system.

1. If one of the family turns out to be gay then the rest would follow (the father, the younger or older brother, the cousin, the uncle)
2. Rape isn't considered a bad thing... I hate how the victim isn't showing any signs of being traumatized but instead falls in love with the rapist.
3. All of the Uke/Seme's MALE circle of friends and acquintances start to fall in love with him. Its a LA LA LAND of gay. 
4. Having sex in public places and people just magically disappear...

Haha.. With all thats been said...
I still like YAOI and I will continue reading them..
13 answer 24 01,2017 00:41
My first webtoon if I remember correctly was '19 days'.
I was not aware that this was a webtoon and treated it just like a manga.
I was confused at first because i was reading it from right to left.
Also I didn't know a page was usually that long, so I usually missed out some of the panel.
I was an idiot back then.

Now I'm completely obsessed with Korean webtoon.
My favorites are Lookism, Blood Bank, What lies in the end and Killing Stalking. 
30 answer 11 01,2017 02:24
I'm 26 years and believe it or not, I'm still a virgin.
I'm not proud nor depressed by this fact. 
I had my reasons why I stayed untouched for this long but maybe I should change myself and be adventurous this time around.
So I'm curious what are the majority age when people lose it.
114 answer 30 11,2016 07:55

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funniest thing about my first kiss... it was with a gay guy... funniest thing about that... I'm a straight female.

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