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My first was raising a bat! One of the best shounen-ai / yaoi I ever red! ヾ(☆▽☆)   reply
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I'd be a shy and not self-confident uke who dreams about this wonderful seme he'll never have.... well, it doesn't change much with the reality :') ( sorry for the bad english )   2 reply
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20 years old today, female, french near Paris. 3rd year in biology! I started reading yaois 5 years ago. I will read it forever!!!!   reply
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Saezuru tori wa habatakanai would be AWESOME in anime *-*. And of course I would like to see every work of Yamamoto Kotetsuko gets an anime adaptation ! !!   1 reply
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Nobody kwows that I read yaoi. My family and friends are quite open-minded but I think they'll find it weird. Especially because of the sex in it. Actually, it's very frustrating. I can't share my passion with anyone. I wish I had a friend who will understand and with whom I'll talk about the yaois I like. Unfortunately, I didn't find yet... :')   1 reply
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want to do first kiss

pls kamisama i dun wanna die a virgin who hasnt even had her first kiss

1 hours ago
did drawing

I love to draw but I feel like some of my fanart is an insult to the mangakas.

7 hours ago
did getting piercings

I did all 2 of mine. Pierced my ears by myself, gauged, and I did my lip.

7 hours ago