Hi guys~! I just want to ask for some manga recommendation, where the uke rides on top of seme. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)
Thanks in advance! :))
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I seriously don't get how some of the people commenting or putting up their topics are annoyed by the ukes decision. I've read yaois with ukes who are much more annoying than this, and the uke in this yaoi isn't even THAT annoying. Think about it he got insecure like any other uke so of course hell take the most cliche action of all "keep it to himself and bear all the heartache" just because they think its the best thing for the seme. Yet this one wasn't the most annoying. You know what's annoying the same situation only thing is that the uke still clings to the seme with tear stained eyes and cheeks and uses other people to fill in that gaping hole in their heart. Or an uke who just uses other peoples love as a distraction. There's nothing more irritating in a yaoi than an uke who is weak willed and just drags everyone else down with them even the ones who truly loves them. This uke actually kept his distants in order for the seme to have a future he thinks he deserves, so unless I see this uke coming back to him with tears in his eyes while desperately trying to get the semes memories back I will not be annoyed. As for his memories coming back the uke isn't counting on it a part of him may have but his mind is clearly talking him to stop holding the seme back.
2016-08-01 09:19 marked
Haru is not a pedophile or in short pedo. The EXACT definition for pedophile is "a person who is sexually attracted to children" and also "an adult who is sexually attracted to children" and "sexual preference toward prepubescent children" in which all of these says 'children' instead of child. And if you dare say that it means the same thing then let me just say you are dead wrong. Children meaning plural meaning more than one kid. As for child its singular as in one kid. So the only kid or prepubescent child haru was attracted is non other than ren. ONLY ren, thus making him NOT a pedo.
2016-08-01 02:53 marked

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