The seme came inside the uke and the seme wanted to see how the uke cleaned out the cum from his ass afterwards. The uke was extra sensitive this time and that turned the seme on. They had sex in the shower and the seme came inside the uke oncr again. The seme wanted to clean him out this time.
So he used the shower head to help clean him faster, but when he was shifting it, the water from the shower head hit the head of the uke's dick. So the seme used it to tease the uke until he passed out from over stimulation.

I think it was MyReadingManga, but I can't find it.
2017-08-31 03:57 marked

LMAOO I have 2 dads so there gay and I told them that i read yaoi and BL mangas and they told me "GREAT!! Which one do u wanna read w/ us?" And I was like "uhhh ROYAL SERVANT!!" So I read that with them a lot lol WTF

2017-08-28 23:53 marked
any smexy yaoi with uncensored or censored (either way it's fine) blowjobs?
2017-07-31 16:21 marked
Any yaoi with seme that like to tease / bully the uke?
2017-07-23 04:07 marked

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