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oh no whats with all this coughing???

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Yaoi with time control? Like someone stopped time and play with another person dick, so the force build up and when then time continue again the person being played feel all the build up force and cum?? Or something like that?

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I drank 12 cups of water a day for a month and i never got a pimple also make sure to wash your face every night
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its kind of funny how yubin finds it easier to have sex rather then to confess

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At this point I don't want haruki to end up with anyone cause everyones an asshole(including you, senpai). I just hope that haruki will be able to get some help by talking to a therapist and that he will be able to live a quiet, relaxing life from now on because he deserves it.

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The seme came inside the uke and the seme wanted to see how the uke cleaned out the cum from his ass afterwards. The uke was extra sensitive this time and that turned the seme on. They had sex in the shower and the seme came inside the uke oncr again. The seme wanted to clean him out this time.
So he used the shower head to help clean him faster, but when he was shifting it, the water from the shower head hit the head of the uke's dick. So the seme used it to tease the uke until he passed out from over stimulation.

I think it was MyReadingManga, but I can't find it.

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youtube looks terrible now why did they have to change the layout???

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LMAOO I have 2 dads so there gay and I told them that i read yaoi and BL mangas and they told me "GREAT!! Which one do u wanna read w/ us?" And I was like "uhhh ROYAL SERVANT!!" So I read that with them a lot lol WTF
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ugghh I shouldn't have read this I cried too much. I was kinda expecting more from the ending though... I mean I thought he died but he suddenly reappeared without a detailed explanation of how he survived... (tbh I think it would have left a bigger impact if the guy died that day)

Also I'm a bit annoyed at all the side characters(besides the guy who was driving the ambulance). They try to split the main characters up and say "its for their sake" and they disregard the MCs feelings. Then there was that girl who tried to push her feelings onto the MC even though he was dying. And the green haired guy who kept on being selfish and tried to force the girl to marry him. TBH I don't like it when the side characters are annoying because it always ruins the story for me, and this story is no exception.

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so is this shounen ai or does one of the guys end up with the girl?

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I'm hoping that the black hair guy does not fall in love with the brown hair guy(the one who blushes a lot) cause I don't want him to go through even more heartbreak

uggghhh another manga where the uke falls in love with the rapist. Can we just have one yaoi where the uke tells the rapist to fuck off?

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the dicks are beautifulヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ

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Mangago, please stop letting anons post on here. Some of these anons are just trolls
scroll down and you will see what i'm talking about

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Finally an uke who can protect himself!!!

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any smexy yaoi with uncensored or censored (either way it's fine) blowjobs?

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Yep. That sounds a bit like me. I've been daydreaming ever since I was little. I usually like to sit on my bed or pace next to or around a table or something thinking about the characters and what will happen to them.(I'm actually considering writing a novel on taptastic). Sometimes, I have a hard time falling asleep because of my active mind, but......