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get yaoi manga book

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I drank 12 cups of water a day for a month and i never got a pimple also make sure to wash your face every night   reply
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30 07,2017 15:39
Yep. That sounds a bit like me. I've been daydreaming ever since I was little. I usually like to sit on my bed or pace next to or around a table or something thinking about the characters and what will happen to them.(I'm actually considering writing a novel on taptastic). Sometimes, I have a hard time falling asleep because of my active mind, but......   3 reply
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I like the idea of omegaverse but now a lot of authors add in rape to the plot and I'm sick of seeing it.   reply
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I don't think she knows, but I have to be careful cause my mum is really sharp. She can tell when I try to switch tabs if (im not careful) so I have to be really sneaky about it and be on guard at all times lol   reply
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did first kiss

i don't know if i could count it as a first kiss

1 hours ago
want to do buy a figurine

Too bad there are no stores here that sell figurines ;-;

3 hours ago
did shipping real life people

My friend and I always ship some girls in our grade with other guys in my grade while I quietly ship the guys with the guys lol

3 hours ago