How can love be so cruel? After Sasuke raped Naruto, the blond is eager to kill the one who hurt him...

  • Author: harly yoshino
  • Genres: Doujinshi / Drama / Mature / Yaoi
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I think i'm weird, Yah Know Why? IDK but i really like YAOI MANGA w/ RXPE SCENE Lol. WHat about you ma'nigga? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Paring: Griffith x Guts...

  • Author: Killer Bambi
  • Genres: Doujinshi / Yaoi

Right after his mission from The Heaven And Earth Bridge, Naruto requests more and more missions. Al...

  • Author: sarano natsumi,3.5 Toushin
  • Genres: Doujinshi / Drama / Mature / Smut / Yaoi

Amano Chizu is a 22 year old teacher who had bad luck lately. On his way to school he met a person b...

  • Author: Gokurakuin Sakurako
  • Genres: Fantasy / Shounen Ai / Yaoi

The enemy's king, Shiki, has taken Akira as his prisoner....

  • Author: INOSE
  • Genres: Doujinshi / Yaoi


  • Author: Black Monkey,Mazjojo, Zamius
  • Genres: Doujinshi / Yaoi

Pairing: Kaito x Shinichi...

  • Author: ETERNAL KID's,NARUKI Kana
  • Genres: Doujinshi / Drama / Romance / Shounen Ai / Yaoi
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Okeh, i think i read this manga maybe 2 years ago? and all i remember was hmm, he's playing err-- i think that was you called saxophones? (or not) and oh! his pianist died i think? yeah.

Thanks a bunch (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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That was the look of AYASE when he grown up? Deeeemn!

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what chapter is, where he practice putting kissmark on his arm? i think there is where i stop reading it HAHAHA~

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Yuu has abreast fetish when it comes to Shiro, but Shiro only thinks of him as a little brother. Wil...

  • Author: WATANABE Asia
  • Genres: Comedy / Yaoi / One Shot

Collection of short stories.From Nakama:1-2. Yuukyuu no KanataYuki and Hisakuni are twin brothers. K...

  • Author: Watanabe Asia
  • Genres: Drama / Romance / Yaoi

"There's no way you can run away from me-- I MUST HAVE YOU!" said the super-egotistic ex-host Hisaka...

  • Author: mimu kayuma
  • Genres: Yaoi / Smut


  • Author: HIHARA Mariko
  • Genres: Historical / Mature / Psychological / Romance / School Life / Yaoi

Natsu may seem as an ordinary man at first sight but actually he is the lover of a popular businessm...

  • Author: Zaria
  • Genres: Yaoi / One Shot / Doujinshi
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A sequel please NYAHAHAHAHA!
a fourth guy pop please !

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Mooooore !!