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Heh, if I don't have anyone to talk to... I sometimes start having a conversation with myself tho (usually after 2 days alone)

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I'm studying in Czech Republic right now!!! (Erasmus student)

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I'm currently trying to find out how to survive without going out to buy food. Last time I went was 2 weeks ago...

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With my goddamn luck I'm sure I'd get my period on that same day, wearing white pants in a very public place. I'd be the first woman ever to *for real* get pregnant in a pool without having sex. The hair on my legs would suddenly grow dark and thick, the way it's never been for me as a man. I'd try to masturbate and I would end up in the e.r. becau......
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I want to make a thing I could be proud of. Still searching what it could be though.

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So late that I set my alarm earlier. I'm so tired I need almost 1 hour to just open my eyes...

I regret nothing

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It went kind of like this. (Click) oh. They're kissing now. That's kind of cute. (Click) awww. His blush is so cute(▰˘◡˘▰) (Click) OK. Now the clothes need to come off? Mmmm. I guess keep reading? (Click) what the heck is he doing with that bottle? (Click) OH SHIT! ITS THE BOOTYHOLE! WHY DID HE STICK HIS FINGER UP THE BOOTYHOLE?! Σ(っ°......
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Holy shit that's a penis. Oh god it's inside his ass. Oh god. Is this even physically possible. How did he turn him around like that with his dick still inside. Didn't it twist his dick. I'm so confused and horny. I need some more of this.
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My first thought was: "Holy shit. This is a thing. People draw this." And then I had so many questions like: How does that thing fit in a butt? Doesn't it hurt? What if it makes him want to poo? Do they take poo breaks? How do you determine if you're the one that enters the butt? Do you have to be the taller one? Do you have to be Japanese? ......
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I'm 20, I'll say female cuz that's what's written on my ID card but I never actually cared... I'm also asexual and aromantic, French, currently studying Health-Safety-Environment in Angers (city in France, there's only one manga shop there, please save me I beg you), but born and raised in Paris ^^ I got into yaoi when I was 16 if I remember well. ......