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Heh, if I don't have anyone to talk to... I sometimes start having a conversation with myself tho (usually after 2 days alone)   2 reply
17 03,2017 21:56

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I'm ace and aro ^^ All of my friends know that I'm ace and aro, that's one of the first things I tell them (once they're drunk of course). I do that because I know that it decreases the chances of a friend wanting to date me ( = losing said friend). Unfortunately it wasn't enough with one of my friends, who first thought I was a lesbian-in-hiding.......   reply
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Kind of, I guess? I mean, I've stopped wanting to live when I was 11 (so ten years ago) but unfortunately at that time I swore to myself I wouldn't kill myself before *a special event that I won't name* happened... And it won't happen before at least 10 years ╮( ̄▽ ̄")╭ Well, I can only hope I get caught in an accident... I can't really ......   reply
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Because I chose to :) I had the opportunity to lose it with a friend, but I told him no ^^ I am asexual and I hate the very idea of me having sex :s and since I'm aromantic too I can't even be in the "it's for my precious person" mood XD And I plan to keep being a virgin btw ;)   reply
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Yeah, of course. I'm already thinking about cutting my hair real short ^^ Btw I'm (supposed to be) a woman ;9   reply
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I'm from Paris, France!!! Nice to meet you :D   1 reply
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did favorite yaoi manga

Sotsugyousei - so beautiful!~~

1 hours ago
did favorite yaoi manga

My favorite yaoi manga, huh? HUUUUUUU~ So many to choose from! I would have to say 1.Raising a Bat 2.Super Lovers 3. Royal Servant ?

6 hours ago
did favorite yaoi manga

So many Ten Count and Blood bank fans XD I would like to see Raising a Bat and Never Understand as an Anime *.*

14 hours ago