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stay up too late reading yaoi

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made a thing

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Exactly the same as I am now!!! The ace friend who watches over them and finds all that very funny XD   4 reply
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Make a fuckin remake of Kimi No Na Wa.!!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Nah seriously tho: see what it's like to have a boner, then trow out all of my bras, and buy some "more adaptated" underwear and male jeans. I could still wear most of my other clothes. Take my shirt off and go run outside (I'm flat so it wouldnt change anything in the feeling but w......   reply
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I'm not planning to have any kids but the children I babysit all knew I was reading that kind of stuff :9 (I swear I didn't show them tho, it just poped up in the conversation) Also I'll definitely introduce (as in, tell them it exists, then advise them if they ask for more) my sis's children (when she has some) to yaoi and yuri (if she doesn't do ......   reply
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I don't like rape... For two reasons: 1st, I cannot understand why uke-san would fall for seme-san in that kind of situation, and obviously seme-san doesn't like uke-san (or else he would not rape him); and 2nd, because rape means no real relationship/trust between the two before "action", meaning it's not "fluffy" and so... It just bores me. (it's......   1 reply
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Happy new year to you too! :D Yaoi (manga) 9 Because I don't like every yaoi manga ^^ Yaoi (pairing) 10 IRL and fictionnal ;) Although I don't ship Yuri (manga) 7 I don't find it as thrilling/intersesting as yaoi manga... maybe I just didn't find the right one yet Yuri (pairing) 10 Again, I don't ship but I'm totally ok with both IRL and fictionn......   reply
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People are doing

want to do first kiss

I didn't since my virgin lips can't handle the temptation

1 hours ago
did favorite yaoi manga

I have too many favorites...

8 hours ago
did favorite yaoi manga

my favorite manga is 'Undertaker Riddle', well it not yaoi, but it kind of cute that i cannot help to like it XD

1 days ago