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Heh, if I don't have anyone to talk to... I sometimes start having a conversation with myself tho (usually after 2 days alone)   1 reply
6 days ago

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I had more than one... The first was when I was 7... Okay so I was a real pain in the ass at that time, let's be fair, but that was mostly because the teacher was always screaming, stressing us (one of my friends, I discovered that later, was sick to the point of throwing up at the thought of spending a day with the teacher). It all started with a......   reply
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I am asexual and aromantic, so I can tell you you don't need to fall in love to know your sexual orientation... I understood it when I realized I wasn't interested romantically in other people (rather, it was some kind of possessive friendship, probably due to my lack of friends - I had around 10 at that time), and I didn't want to have sex either......   4 reply
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I don't believe in any god and I don't care if others do as long as they don't ask me to! I think all my hopes of religion were lost when I learnt that Santa doesn't exist (and the Tooth Fairy too, I was a polytheist lol) Any religion is fine with me (I do have an affinity with the Flying Spaghetti Monster tho), and it's usually rather interesting ......   1 reply
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The sex scene in itself doesn't excite me (at all). But if there's some kind of build-up, a tension and feelings between the characters then yes, after ~5 hours of reading I do get a little excited ^^ But I have never felt like masturbating (porn or not) Basically it has the same effect on me than reading an epic fight in a Berserk-like manga, so i......   reply
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Exactly the same as I am now!!! The ace friend who watches over them and finds all that very funny XD   4 reply
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My childhood nickname is Bee. Which is why I go by Mitsubachi. Though people have been calling me Rapunzel recently since I have very long hair

16 minutes ago
did nicknames

My nickname is Jess or Jessie

21 hours ago
did nicknames

So many, main nickname was berry, for eating nothing but strawberries as a kid

21 hours ago