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Heh, if I don't have anyone to talk to... I sometimes start having a conversation with myself tho (usually after 2 days alone)   1 reply
17 03,2017 21:56

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Yeah, quite often actually... When I needed to take the Métro to go to the uni I would bring a manga with me, and since yaois are quite often one shots, well... Anyways, I can't use my phone cuz it's too old, so I just bring the tankoubon or take my pc to read at school. I actually don't care about getting caught lol If I'm reading at school then ......   reply
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Hi, I'm a woman (well, that's what written on my ID card but tbh M or F doesn't matter to me) ; I'm from Paris, France ; I like every genre but with a preference for seinen, shounen and yaoi/shounen ai ^^   2 reply
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I like both but I think it's harder to find good yuri unfortunately... (btw I'm fine with hentai too, but it has the same problem)   2 reply
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Well they know my sis and I read erotic stuff and play eroge XD They also know they're usually not straight... My mother got a taste of the thing after opening a yaoi my sis had left on her desk, and I think my father doesn't care. I actually never talked about that with him (because I know he'd tell me "what, you read porn, so you're not asexual o......   reply
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I had more than one... The first was when I was 7... Okay so I was a real pain in the ass at that time, let's be fair, but that was mostly because the teacher was always screaming, stressing us (one of my friends, I discovered that later, was sick to the point of throwing up at the thought of spending a day with the teacher). It all started with a......   reply
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did long distant relationship

It's hard to keep contact and even though you have someone you can feel lonely because the person you like is so far away.

21 minutes ago
want to do learn foreign languages

I speak a little bit of ASL, Mandarin, Arabic, and Japanese but I'd like to learn one of the languages in full.

23 minutes ago
want to do travel to a different country

I've always wanted to travel to a different country. I've been all around the states and even to the Bahamas once but Europe is my goal!

24 minutes ago