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Well, I think my first fictional crush was Danny from Danny Phantom. I really liked his ghost form with the white hair and all (guess I have being a sucker for characters with white hair since childhood lol). And at the moment my crush is Shuri from Basara, 'cause I'm reading the manga literally right now so it will probably change when I start wat......   1 reply
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Yeah, I totally get you. It's such a shame that this manga turned out like this, because it was so cute at first. The worst part is that one of my favorite yaois is from the same author (it's called hana no mizo shiru, if you haven't read it you should), so I had high hopes for this one too :( As the manga got popular, maybe sensei got pressured to......   reply
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I'm 16 years old and a fujoshi (●'◡'●)ノ   2 reply
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I think my favorite type of couples are the ones that have a uke with a strong personality who won't let others push them around and don't act annoying for no reason, but at the same time is just so fucking adorable that makes you wanna go inside the manga and bang him yourself ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ As for the seme he just need to care for his......   3 reply
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did confess to your crush

in the end i was rejected but still i have this stupid feelings for him :(

4 hours ago
want to do first kiss

im still young so I don't mind but when the time comes I'll probably be blushing

5 hours ago
want to do confess to your crush

while he was there i ran away from him and now i regret it cuz i know i can never meet him again.

5 hours ago