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(Fudanshi here!) This is an incredibly difficult question xD Overall I'd have to go with Saki from Kokoro. He's one of the sweetest semes EVER and in reality he's totally my ideal type in almost every aspect. I love him, I love Jun (the uke) and the manga is the fluffiest and most heartwarming I've ever read   2 reply
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I'm also a gay fudanshi and I read yaoi every day. It has been in my life for well over 10 years. Completely open - no shame lol I'm a very passionate and emotionally sensitive person. I can get extremely absorbed in these stories to the point where I'm anxious for days while waiting for an update, crying myself to sleep or laughing and smiling alo......   6 reply
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I have mixed feeling about rape in Yaoi. What I call "light rape" is such a common thing in Yaoi manga that I've become a little numb to it. Basically it's those "rape" scenes where usually the seme is advancing on the uke without the uke's consent.....but at the same time the uke is barely resisting and is just saying "stop" and "no" while having ......   1 reply
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(Before reading, know that I am a fudanshi and yaoi is a huge part of my life) Just to name a few..... 1) Ugly art 2) When the uke looks like a child with massive eyes (UGH) 3) Pointless drama. It bothers me when authors have the characters make really ridiculous decisions that make absolutely no sense just for the sake of drama. It doesn't he......   5 reply
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Because I develop very strong emotional connections with people, I absolutely hope to get married one day. It's that special sealing bond both legally and spiritually. To me, it shows to ourselves and others we've made the strong commitment to stay with each other for the rest of our lives and that together we are one. This is just how I personal......   reply
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People are doing

did confess to your crush

in the end i was rejected but still i have this stupid feelings for him :(

4 hours ago
want to do first kiss

im still young so I don't mind but when the time comes I'll probably be blushing

5 hours ago
want to do confess to your crush

while he was there i ran away from him and now i regret it cuz i know i can never meet him again.

5 hours ago