The art has really improved over the time this mangaka has worked, and over this one manga as well. I'm really proud of her rapid improvement!

Does anyone else think reading this is becoming a drag because the chapters keep piling up and the drama never ends? I think it's becoming tedious seeing these characters constantly having second thoughts then turning around again, I really want them to move on with one anther and become happy.

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Hello fellow humans I'm definitely not a      robot running on yaoi, unnatural amount of sleep, and mass amounts of food.
Power Ups:
smutty smut smut, Tattooed and Pierced Men, adorable storys, Dark/twisted themes >:), gore, sleep, hawt semes, FOOD,                Supernatural Shipsss, Jensen Ackles BUtTT

super super super clueless uke, human      interaction, sun, being removed from        laptop, Bigots

- Being able to sound like a angry             pterodactyl giving birth to a live baby.
- Going long periods of time without sleep.
- Being able to ship any two men standing next to each other.
- Yaoi always in meh mind.
- Ability to read smut with a blank              expression.
- Become PHYSICALLY hurt over a manga/anime. 

Powers Needed To Become God:
- Ability to read fluff without contorting my face into a Picasso painting of feels.

Other Places To Reach Me:
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Plus a ton more i can't remember ask me for any other social media cuz i probably might have it. (づ ಠ ³ ಠ )6

25 08,2017 00:38
FJ-Anya asked a question

My best friend is very Christian, but questions me for believing in something different. I love my friend, but I hate our bickering. I respect her religion, but whenever it's brought up I feel like she's disappointed with me. Anyway we can get past this?

FJ-Anya created a topic of Sasaki to Miyano

The reason it's slow paced is for a few reason, one of which is to form a more realistic and emotional romance, and the other was simply because the first volume was only going to be a bromance, but then there was a demand for a second volume. So seeing how it's going in the recent chapters, I think they're gonna fall in love, who knows, but don't take that rage out on the author, it's all her choice.

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Mangago profile for the one-person scanlation group "Wander Boy Scans". My name is J and I focus on translating Chinese manhua--works of various genres. Please note that I am not a native speaker, so my translations aren't always correct.

06 07,2017 04:39
FJ-Anya asked a question

I just had a realization I should have gotten long ago, but now I'm just confused. Okay, this face ---> (●'◡'●)ノ I've always thought of it as a face with 2 big black eye and it's eye brows where pointing downward, but now I might think it's a person with too thin eyes with big blushes. I'm so confused, what's your guy's opinion?

FJ-Anya created a topic of When Shin Needs Cheese

Wow translator-san, your English is improving so much! I'm so proud of you, good luck with the rest!

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14 06,2017 07:14
FJ-Anya created a topic of Amadare no Koro

Indeed cute. Yes, yes, very nice.

FJ-Anya answered question about favorite yaoi manga
I would never introduce them to it, but I would be open about it. I would openly read them, and if their interested in the things I like, I'll give them Shounen ai, but if they don't then they can do whatever.
FJ-Anya created a topic of When Shin Needs Cheese

Don't worry translator-san, I'm not hating on you! I really respect you for doing this for us, and it makes me happy to see that you look at your viewers comments. I know that English can be kind of confusing for foreigners, so I'll try to help you understand so you feel more comfortable.

Sometimes when we talk about the past, we usually put 'ed' at the end, but in some cases we just use a similar;different word. (Exp - "Leave/left" "buy/bought")

Also, the word 'food' doesn't usually need 'the' before it, and 'foods' isn't a word we use, 'food' can both mean one or more than. (Exp - "Can you bring home food since we ran out?" and "Don't forget the food in the car!")

Finally, 'the'. 'The' is a word that is only used when talking about one and/or significant thing, not people, unless referring to a a title, not a name. 'The' can be confusing to understand, so don't worry about always getting it right. (Exp - "Let's go to the tree house!" and "We are going to find the Excalibur!" Excalibur is just a sword, but because it has a title, it used 'the' to refer to it.)

I hope this helped translator-san, just remember that mistakes lead to improvement! (๑•ㅂ•)و✧

FJ-Anya asked a question

Has anyone else noticed the mean Anonymous people attacking others? I admit I did something dumb, but one anonymous user kept harassing me even after I deleted this one comment, and I felt like shit for a while after that. I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced or seen the annoying stuff anonymous users do to others...

FJ-Anya created a topic of All About Lust

So I was just wondering if they dropped this manwha or if it's just not updating... sorry to bother you guys...

FJ-Anya created a topic of Youjin

Did they drop this? Not to alarm anyone, but updates would usually come every couple of days, and a lot of other projects like Window Beyond Window got shut down. I'm scared, someone comfort me ┗( T﹏T )┛

FJ-Anya created a topic of Himitsu ni shiro yo!!

I died when SA talked about elementary school kids drawing dicks of everything... In my time, we never did that shit ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭

FJ-Anya created a topic of Akai Ito No Shikkou Yuuyo

I have a theory that Yui is a dude. Like maybe it's just me, but let me explain!

Notice how Yui has short hair, that like a male? Maybe this is just the authors lack of skill in drawing long hair, but NO, OTHER GIRLS HAVE LONG HAIR! Then I thought it's probably just a coincidence, but maybe not. My next reason is that she has no tits.
And look at her neck, it's very similar to other males in that manga.
Now look at both Kei and Yui's close up shots.
Their face stucture is also very alike, and Yui's sort of drifts from the usual female.
This could just all be me grasping at straws and some people probably think I'm a just a crazing fuck, but hey, what can you do? ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ I just wanted to know it anyone agrees.