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When I was a kid I used to draw alot of horses and dragons and I had real talent. Now I still draw dragons but mostly I just draw furries and wonder where my talent went x-x   reply
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╮( ̄-- ̄)╭ I'm genderfluid so ?? I probably wouldn't do anything different. I guess be happy I no longer have a uterus?? Buy condoms so I don't get my girlfriend pregnant?? idk, man. And if only genitalia is changing, that's a sex change, not really a gender change, js.   reply
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hell no. The System is always super classist, rape is largely present if omegas don't carefully monitor their cycles.. It's like rape culture gone haywire. Nah son.   reply
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Sex Pistols. tHE OVAS ARE SO UNSATISFYING. I'd watch Saezuru Tori as an anime too.   reply
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Ahhh this takes me back. I was pretty young when I watched it- and the other two in the series, so then it didn't really occur to me how gross it was. Now I realize that it's pretty bad, even if others shrug it off as "shotacon", it's still pedophilic and pretty gross. I wouldn't even bother watching if I was you. Sure, others can say they've seen ......   reply
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My childhood nickname is Bee. Which is why I go by Mitsubachi. Though people have been calling me Rapunzel recently since I have very long hair

22 minutes ago
did nicknames

My nickname is Jess or Jessie

21 hours ago
did nicknames

So many, main nickname was berry, for eating nothing but strawberries as a kid

21 hours ago