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Yoon 13 01,2017 14:06
I ship my classmates together, straight ship and boyxboy (even me included) and I and a friend made several stories on how the ships would work! It's fun! We even included our old and new ships and how they were formed (we did this for 3 years). Like how maybe they fought and realised another person is better, and stuff like that. So we basically m......   2 reply
13 01,2017 14:06

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I've thought about ways I can kill someone when I see them. Like, looking around and see what I can use and what moves I can pull.   1 reply
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I sure hope I will. I'm like, one of those 'modern' yet 'normal' kid. I want to get married. I want to get married to a guy that likes me and has money to get our kids through university. Maybe people would call me materialistic for wanting that kind of man, but honestly, in a capitalistic world like this, what else do you really need to keep your ......   reply
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Yoon 24 01,2017 15:29
Your list lmao Number one is probably to keep the branch stories close to the main lmao but the way you phrased it is hilarious. Number two is ugh. I'm also a bit why. Some yaoi actually show victims signs of discomfort but the fact that those that don't exist is... why. Number three... again! the way you phrased it lmao. Close to your number one ......   1 reply
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Pure love emerging from unlikely circumstances and a couple who don't look like they'd love someone but they love each other deeply Yakuza stuff, delinquents, etc bc tough soft guys are right up my alley :9   reply
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Yoon 17 01,2017 11:18
Me~! I'm a gamer (Playstation loyal), yaoi reader amongst other genres, and someone who prefers psychological, mind bending and angsty stories. I also draw a lot and cannot write long stories. I can't sing my voice hurts ears. My best friend cannot play any games. I asked her to play games with me whenever she comes over but she... just can't. I w......   reply
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People are doing

did live in omegaverse universe

it was an awesome experience

2 hours ago
did martial arts training

i mean when i was younger i was surprisingly a lot more badass then now
it doesn't mean i remember anYTHING but i did it ok trust me

11 hours ago
want to do live in omegaverse universe

oh jesus take the wheel the answer to this will always be fuck yes
im ready to throw my current life away for this tbh

11 hours ago