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first kiss

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BloodLust (BL)
23 03,2016 08:29
i made a thing :I   3 reply
23 03,2016 08:29
BloodLust (BL)
12 03,2016 00:01
10/10 shonen ai u'll love it yes there are some feels it's rated 9.8 stars and its one of the most-read things on here FOR A REASON ye lol im just trying to figure out how this "thing" thing works   reply
12 03,2016 00:01

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kk I have a couple things I want to say abt this prompt first yes sure my height and weight will stay the same but guys have very different body structures than females even aside from genitalia like for example females have a lot of curves and are often compared to pears or hourglasses I honestly don't like having curves and if I were a guy I woul......   reply
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I was like 11 or 12 and I had no idea what was happening but curiosity won over and i continued to read it until i finally developed a liking for it   reply
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People are doing

did confess to your crush

in the end i was rejected but still i have this stupid feelings for him :(

4 hours ago
want to do first kiss

im still young so I don't mind but when the time comes I'll probably be blushing

5 hours ago
want to do confess to your crush

while he was there i ran away from him and now i regret it cuz i know i can never meet him again.

5 hours ago